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Torrevieja will host the first summer urban culture festival that aspires to precovid normality without a mask

In addition, this first edition, which welcomes the month of August, begins in a summer that is moving towards normality, with the progressive lifting of restrictions such as the possible goodbye to the mask in outdoor spaces or expansion of capacity at events.

The Crazy Urban Festival, has been presented this Wednesday at the ambiguous Municipal Theater of Torrevieja, in a press conference in which its programming and all the security measures that will involve the festival were announced by the Youth Councilor, Domingo Paredes, the head of organization of the Shiroten production company, José Ten, and the expert technological platform in capacity control and traceability Safety Global, Ricard Sanz.

The festival will start with an ‘Opening Party ” on the 31st of the hand “of prestigious dj’s and to which different actions of urban music will happen in different parts of the city”. In addition, the festival will also exploit its sports facet with a week dedicated to the practice of water sports for beginners and lovers of surfing, or skateboarding; and another week in which the public will be made a participant in urban art, introducing it to the exciting and expressive pictorial language of the graffiti or the skyline, that they will be able to practice in situ, and exhibitions that will fill murals and spaces in the city with this discipline of artistic expression.

The finishing touch will be the live performances at the Eras de la Sal venue by 4 of the most renowned artists of urban music, such as Prok, Locoplaya, on August 13, and Bad Gyal and Recycled J, August 14.


The gastronomy It will also be present to promote and activate sectors so affected by the crisis such as hospitality and commerce, through markets and traditional stalls and the performance of Carros de Foc, the innovative and avant-garde theater company that makes works of giant mobile sculptures tour open-air spaces with choreography, balancing act, cloth and hoop acrobatics or rhythmic choreography with a fire fan and music.

Headliners and Safety Device

The finishing touch will be the live performances at the Eras de la Sal de Torrevieja venue by 4 of the most prestigious and renowned artists of urban music, such as Prok, Locoplaya, on August 13, and Bad Gyal and Recycled J, August 14. The security device designed for the Crazy Urban Festival aims to ensure adoption of sanitary measures for the proper development of the festival avoiding any type of health risk.

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Throughout the festival, the technological platform, specialized in large events, Safety Global, will carry out an access control system using QR systems allow to guarantee traceability and identification of all the holders who buy their tickets to attend the scheduled events with the highest number of attendees, especially the four announced live music concerts. In this sense, the head of Safety Global, Ricard Sanz has explained that the expectation, based on the current evolution of the health situation, is to be able to carry out the main events without a mask.

For his part, the person in charge of the Shiroten production company, José Ten, has clarified, to INFORMATION questions, that with the current restrictions, 700 tickets are on sale for each of the two main concerts in the Eras de la Sal with the seated audience. Conditions that could change between now and August.

Image of the presentation of the Crazy Urban Festival with the presence of the Councilor for Youth, the organizing company and the firm specialized in security

In the same way, it will apply the sectorization of its spaces to guarantee safety distances in the public and the access control personnel will be in charge of the correct use of gels, masks and temperature measurements by the attendees. Regarding the use of the bars or the public flows in the concerts, the device will be designed according to the novelties that may occur during the months of June and July.

On the other hand, and taking into account the favorable evolution of the pandemic and “the magnificent data of the vaccination campaign, operations and logistics” of all the production of the Crazy Urban Festival, it intends to be considered in a dynamic way, in such a way that it is Able to adapt to the evolution of the health situation and to the changes and new measures that the health administration can adopt, according to the producer.

In this context, “it should be able to adapt to the elimination of the mandatory nature of outdoor masks”, as well as to the distribution of “spaces or to the recalculation of the occupation of the surface and of the facilities in which it is used. it will develop in accordance with the criteria that can be established on safety distances “.

For his part, the Councilor for Youth, Domingo Paredes, has highlighted that this festival “It is a commitment that we acquired in 2019 to carry it out in summer, and in this unusual year, we wanted to carry it out by adapting it to health regulations. We want it to become established as a high-class festival, to become a project for the future and that can attract all kinds of young people to our city ”. In addition, he has remarked that the City Council intends to boost the city with this type of event and that urban and youth culture is present in a large part of Torrevieja for 15 days.


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