Thursday, September 23

Total solar eclipse | The solar corona that will be the main protagonist this December 14 (and why it will be “very different” from other eclipses)

  • Carlos Serrano (@carliserrano)
  • BBC World News


A total eclipse is the perfect occasion to observe the solar corona.

This Monday the Sun and the Moon will offer us a beautiful show: a total solar eclipse that will be visible in several countries in Latin America.

And who will be the protagonist of the show?: The solar corona, the region outermost of the Sun’s atmosphere.

On a normal day, light from the Sun’s surface makes it difficult to see the corona, but during an eclipse, you can see the brightness of the crown without the need for special instruments.

And this December 14 we will not only be able to see the crown, but perhaps we will see it in one of its more striking versions.

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