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Totana’s confessed murderer: “I had it in mind for a long time”

He recorded some videos after the crime in which he assures his family that he had planned it

“This is not sexist. I just did it because I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to kill someone.” With a broken but firm and resounding voice, Johan SP confesses his worst mistake to his relatives: he has just stabbed Claudia, his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend, to death. That is one of the phrases that the 19-year-old utters in the different videos – up to nine – that he recorded last February in Totana shortly after stealing the life of the teenager with up to 57 stab wounds. Some images, to which he has had access to this newspaper, in which the murderer confesses where he hid the murder weapon and assures that the death was not the result of an outburst. “I had this in mind with her for a long time,” he remarks.

After ending Claudia’s life, Johan dedicated the first of his videos to his mother. In the recording, which lasts more than ten minutes, the young man confesses her crime to her mother and announces that she is going to take her own life. A claim that he repeats repeatedly in his recordings, but that he never carried out. «The reason I do this mom… The other thing I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I’m sorry I did what I did. And regarding mine (her attempt to commit suicide) what am I going to do, well… I know you said that doing this was for cowards and no… and only cowards did it, I know, obviously I know mom, and I am, I’m not going to lie to you that I am. I am very cowardly.”

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The images were recorded on the roof of the building where the young man committed the crime. Johan spent about two hours on the roof recording videos in which he claimed that he was going to commit suicide. In them, very lacking in lighting, the street is barely visible and Johan is not seen at any time. Most of the murderer’s messages are dedicated to his parents and his brothers, but the young man also addresses a message to Claudia’s parents and even to the “world in general.”

“This is not something macho,” Johan maintains in a recording. “I’ve always wanted to kill someone”

In the recordings, which have been analyzed by the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard in a report sent to the investigating judge, the young man acknowledges having killed Claudia and, according to the investigators, it is not clear if he regrets it. “I have killed Claudia and I am sorry”, he reveals in one of the recordings. “I had to do it, whatever I say, I had to do it, and I regret it in part, obviously because it has been like taking a huge weight off me, as if my life was going forward now,” he explains in another of the videos found. on your mobile phone.

At some moments, Johan comes to remark to his relatives that he had already planned to take the life of the minor. «I had it planned and… I think it’s like my last time because it was planned and… nothing and that’s it. It was planned and I wanted to do it. The reasons why I did it I will not tell anyone. They will remain for me, but basically just because, because the bad guy is always me and not her.

The agents also highlight the “total reasoning” that the young man shows in those hours immediately after the crime, “seeming to be fully aware of what he has just done to Claudia because of the way he expresses himself.” There are even, they emphasize, moments – when he addresses his brothers – in which he is happy, “even laughing and joking”.

Claudia’s relatives, represented by criminal lawyer Raúl Pardo-Geijo Ruiz, will try to get the young man sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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