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Touching! Girl and her mother walk after classmates’ cars on their way to graduation, police officers volunteer and take them on patrol

Yaromi came to her school on patrol to receive her end-of-term diploma.

Photo: Taken from video: Ana Teresa Martínez / Courtesy

A video quickly went viral on social networks, which shows some policemen who are stealing the hearts of Internet users, after their laudable action became known, since they offered to take a girl on their patrol and his mother who, in the absence of a car, were walking behind the caravan of vehicles of the parents of his classmates, who were heading to school to receive their end-of-year diploma.

And it is that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the school authorities of the Club de Leones Sur de Matamoros school, in the state of Tamaulipas, organized the event, dwhere minors should arrive in cars, to avoid crowds in kindergarten.

But one of her students, identified as Yaromi, could not be part of the car caravan, since her mother does not have, so without wanting to miss such an important event, the little girl and her mother walked behind the cars of their classmates.

Little Yaromi was walking behind the cars

The minor and her mother were walking and stopping at times, as they waited for the cars to move to get to the school.

Yaromi and her mother were enduring the high temperatures that were registered that Kindergarten graduation day.

But the mother did not want her daughter to miss the award ceremony for her last year of kindergarten, so despite everything, she showed a great willingness to accompany little Yaromi, who was very enthusiastic on her way to school.

Little Yaromi and her mother caught the attention of two policemen who saw them walking behind the motorcade of the students ofl South Matamoros Lions Club.

The scene moved the policemen too much that they did not hesitate to do something incredible for the girl and her mother.

Police officers offered to take them on their patrol

They got on their patrol car and approached Yaromi and her mother, who despite the situation were very happy walking, as it was a special day for both of them: their kindergarten graduation.

So the cops offered to drive Yaromi and her mom to school, so they both got into the back of the patrol with number 967.

And contrary to what Yaromi’s mother had thought, they arrived leaving the plaza, since when the patrol arrived at the South Matamoros Lions Club, the policemen turned on the sirens to announce the arrival of the little girl.

Teacher captures the emotional moment of Yaromi’s arrival

A teacher who was taking video of the arrival of all the students shared the images on her account Facebook, and the policemen were praised for the great show of sensitivity they showed to Yaromi and her mother.

Teacher shares images on Facebook

“Today something very nice happened, I share it with you. It was our end-of-year caravan and a little student was walking so they, (the state), saw her and brought her to school to drive by ”, highlights the text that teacher Ana Teresa wrote on her Facebook account Martinez.

They applaud noble gesture of policemen

After her noble gesture, the policemen took a photo with Yaromi and her teacher, after the little girl received her end-of-course diploma.

The expressions of appreciation for the police officers were swift and the users applauded their noble action that changed and made the day even more enjoyable for little Yaromi.

“God bless those people who had this gesture at risk, they will be struck by double blessings,” highlights one of the messages.

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