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Tourists and residents of Torrevieja acquire consumer vouchers worth € 221,000 in purchases in the first week of the campaign

Image of Ramón Gallud street, one of the main commercial thoroughfares in the center of Torrevieja

Image of Ramón Gallud street, one of the main commercial thoroughfares in the center of Torrevieja
D. Pamies

The Torrevieja Town Hall has made a very positive assessment of the campaign of the Good consumption, promoted by the City Council, which awarded the Merchants Association (Apymeco) its management, and whose objective is to encourage the purchase “in all the productive sectors of Torrevieja, especially in commerce and hospitality. According to the figures that the municipality manages and that has spread this Friday “it is having a great acceptance in Torrevieja society, both among residents and tourists who visit us at this time of the beginning of the summer season.” In this first week of operation they are already 164 establishments adhered to this municipal initiative.

In this first week of implementation, bonds (10 and 20 euros) worth 110,805 euros have been sold, more than 20% of the total amount of this first campaign of the Bonoconsumo, which represents an economic impact of 221,610 euros to the productive sectors of the town.

Of the total of the vouchers purchased by residents and tourists through the web, have already been exchanged in shops and hospitality establishments of the city a total of 3,886 bonds, which has meant a real cost of 35,855 euros (71,710 euros of repercussion).32.3% of the bonds purchased in Torrevieja establishments. Which also reflects that many of the interested consumers have collected bonuses before making their purchase later.

The campaign has an initial municipal investment of 500,000 euros, which will have an impact on direct consumption of one million euros. In addition, for the last quarter of the year it is planned to continue with a new investment of 500,000 euros more. In total, the Torrevieja City Council in 2021 intends to invest one million euros in this plan, with a direct impact on the local productive sectors of two million euros.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has shown his satisfaction “for the great reception” of this pioneering initiative in the Valencian Community, through which anyone, registered or not in the city of Torrevieja, can acquire the consumption voucher and exchange it in member establishments until September 30, 2021.

Both the City Council and the Association of Small and Medium Merchants of Torrevieja (APYMECO) foresee that throughout the month of July, all the planned bonds will be exhausted to reach 500,000 euros that the Torrevejense consistory has budgeted in this first campaign of 2021.

Until September 30

The period for consumers, registered or not in the city of Torrevieja, to acquire the consumption voucher and exchange it at the participating establishments ends on September 30, 2021, being able to buy, for each DNI, a maximum of € 100 in vouchers at consumption, its use being compatible with any type of discount, offer or reduction available at the establishment for the product to be purchased.

The vouchers have a value of 10 and 20 euros, of which the client contributes half the amount, that is, 5 and 10 euros, and the remaining amount is directly contributed by the Torrevieja City Council to the establishments adhering to the campaign. That is, each buyer will have a 50% discount on purchases or drinks, each person being able to purchase a maximum of 100 euros per ID. The consumer receives the vouchers purchased in pdf format to print at home, or receives it on their mobile. Initially it was announced that bonds of up to 50 euros would be available.

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