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‘Tower of Fantasy’ arrives on PC and mobile and can now be played for free: ‘Genshin Impact’ has a new (and serious) competitor

‘Genshin Impact’ was a shock in the world of video games. A free-to-play triple-A title, developed by a Chinese company, available on all platforms with cross-play and cross-progression that, throughout its short life, has generated some pretty hefty revenue. In its first year alone, and on iOS and Android alone, it generated $2 billion, not bad for a game that cost $100 million to develop.

But now ‘Genshin Impact’ is not alone (now we will clarify this). And it is that today, at 2:00 in the morning, the global servers of ‘Tower of Fantasy‘, an “MMO” with anime aesthetics in the purest ‘Genshin Impact’ style signed by Level Infinite (Tencent), Perfect World (exclusive distributor of CS:GO in China) and Hotta Studio. And yes, he is a pretty serious competitor.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is willing to compete against ‘Genshin Impact’

Saying that ‘Genshin Impact’ is no longer alone is a half-truth, and that is that ‘Tower of Fantasy’ was released at the end of 2021 in China after a year in beta. Hotta Studio’s feature debut has garnered really positive reviews and is now facing its global release. does it like title free to play with progression and cross-play on mobile and PC and translated (not dubbed) into Spanish.

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What is ‘Tower of Fantasy’? It’s an MMOARPG, that is, a massively multiplayer online with action and RPG mechanics. If anyone has played ‘Genshin Impact’, the mechanics are similar. However, ‘Genshin Impact’ is a single player game with some multiplayer content.

‘Tower of Fantasy’ is an “MMO” (not quite, since they are instances with quite a few players, but not a massive server). In other words, throughout the adventure we will meet other players, we will have a PvP mode, PvE, etc. Roughly speaking, and taking certain licenses, it’s like mixing a ‘WoW’ with ‘Genshin Impact’.

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As such, the game offers us a very anime aestheticwith spectacular, fluid combat, full of animations, different equipment and weapons, vehicles / mounts, all developed with Unreal Engine 4. The game is open world and exploration will play a key role in the gameplay experience.

Tower of Fantasy

And speaking of experience, something that it shares with ‘Genshin Impact’ is the gacha mechanic. It is a free to play and this is how it is monetized. Through this system we can unlock improvements for our equipment and weapons. For this we will need cores, which we can get by playing, but also by paying with real money.

However, the game has a system that guarantees the player an SR or SSR team (the good and the best, respectively) every ten gacha spins and an SSR (the best team in the game) every 80 spins. In ‘Genshin Impact’, for example, the rolls amount to 90. In that sense, is more player friendlybut we will have to see how it behaves in the long run.

Tower of Fantasy

On the other hand, the game offers a end game consisting of crafting equipment, PvP with qualifiers, ruins (a kind of dungeons), incursions / raids, daily and weekly missions, etc. It is not an endgame of the stature of ‘World of Warcraft’, far from it, but it does leave the door open for the game to expand once we have overcome the first bars of it.

In short, ‘Tower of Fantasy’ is a game that, although it will not be exempt from discussion due to its gacha mechanics, points out ways and is willing to unseat ‘Genshin Impact’. It will be necessary to see the reception of the game in the global market and its long-term performance, but what is clear is that the game has ballots to gain a foothold.

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