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Town or city? The preferred option of the Spanish for the holidays

Chulilla, one of the most popular towns.

Chulilla, one of the most sought after towns.

The mobility restrictions imposed in some regions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as recent measures to curb this second wave of the virus, have made local tourism, a few kilometers from home, is seen as the best option to maintain the tradition of travel, causing reservations in rural areas to grow exponentially, surpassing large cities, according to Weekendesk.es, a portal specialized in themed getaways.

This unprecedented situation has led to a new post-confinement phenomenon: the main tourists to the regions are their own residents, especially those that are not under exceptional measures. There tourism is still alive and spreading with great force. That is why it is not surprising that some autonomous communities have seen how reserves continue to grow, thanks to the rebirth of areas with few inhabitants.

Andalusia is one of the leading regions in local tourism, concentrating 19% of sales, followed by the Valencian Community with 17% and Castilla y León, with 8%. Others have managed to obtain a significant boost, as is the case of Aragon, which accounts for 6% of national sales; Cantabria 5%; and Murcia 4%. Galicia, Asturias, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura are other autonomous communities that have seen the resurgence of some of their small towns.

“The new reality that we are living does not mean, far from it, that we are not going to travel. On the contrary we keep traveling and we will continue to do so, but in a very different way and taking into account other aspects, such as hygiene protocols. Tourism is one of our most established customs and, precisely in these moments, the greatest desire of the Spanish is to be able to escape from the routine and escape from reality. That is why travel and, especially, weekend getaways close to home continue to be among the main leisure and disconnection options, “explained Brigitte Hidalgo, Weekendesk’s director of operations.

Visiting the town does not only mean disconnect from the bustle of the cities. It involves mimicking the environment and everything it represents. This is how getaways with gastronomic experiences stand out as the perfect plan to enjoy a different weekend for many Spaniards. On the other hand, among couples looking for a romantic getaway close to home, wellness destinations in nature are gaining strength. Different, original plans and last-minute offers in hotels and restaurants that we can find in the new guide to travel on the weekend published by Weekendesk.es and that offers cheap and different alternatives to enjoy a unique getaway, now that many of We crossed our fingers to be able to make a brief getaway on the Constitution bridge.

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