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Toyota Yaris Cross, the secret weapon to dominate the SUV segment in Europe

There are only weeks until the new one begins to be delivered Toyota Yaris Cross. That is why the Japanese firm has made a presentation in style in the country and make it known. East Compact B-segment SUV It has been developed especially with the European market in mind with the aim of completing its SUV range and achieving leadership in the most important segment of some of its markets.

In the Spanish market, he explains Toyota, until August 2021, the 16% of the cars sold have been SUVs, surpassing the compact ones, so, they say, the Yaris Cross it arrives “at the best possible time.” Your goal for Spain Is that in 2022, year for which more than half of the brand’s sales will be a SUV, its crossovers accumulate 10% of the market share of the segment in the private channel.

The objective is clear and therefore the Yaris Cross is much more than a lifted version of the Yaris. In fact, of its little ‘brother’ it only has the name, the engine and the platform, with important aesthetic changes and a more complete proposal at the technological and equipment level. This improvement with respect to the utility vehicle responds to its desire to introduce the Yaris Cross to the center of its range, looking for those buyers who want a versatile car, spacious enough to accommodate the family, and at a lower price than vehicles like the RAV4 or the CH-R. In addition, with this SUV they close the Yaris family, consisting of the standard car, the GR Yaris as an emotional sports car and the same Yaris Cross. Toyota expects Yaris range to outperform range in 2022 Corolla (Corolla and Corolla Touring).

New Toyota Yaris Cross

The new Yaris Cross is based on the platform TNGA-B of the Asian brand and will be produced, together with the utility, in the Czech plant of Colin, of which it is the sole owner since last January. Its production objectives are to increase the assembled units from 425,000 in 2018, counting those of Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 that until now also rode in the Czech Republic, until 500,000 in 2022, assembling the Yaris, Yaris Cross and production version of the Aygo X Concept.

The Yaris Cross It will stand out in the Yaris family for presenting itself as a completely different car from the other two proposals. In aesthetic terms, it stands out for its robustness and for unprecedented elements in the Yaris range such as the shape of its front or rear lights, which will be full LED for the first time. The front is consistent with its status as an SUV and certainly reminiscent of the RAV4. Their tires stand out up to 18 inches, 17 as standard.

By size, it is nine centimeters taller than the utility, reaching 1.56 meters, and 24 centimeters longer, with a total of 4.18 meters. Toyota claims it is in the middle of the segment in terms of length, while being shorter than most of its rivals. Your trunk offers 397 liters capacity, a figure that places it among the leaders in the segment and defines the ‘Big-Small’ concept under which it has been developed. “We wanted a small car on the outside and big on the inside,” they admit from the brand.

The interior is very similar to that of the utility vehicle in terms of design, although again it presents new features in elements such as the center console or the door panels, with new materials that enhance the sensation of perceived quality. The eight-inch floating screen is kept as access to the infotainment system. Toyota claims to have improved its performance and is compatible with the most common mobile phones. The instrument panel is also renewed, with a screen between the indicators of the load management and the levels that serves as a speedometer and offers extra information such as consumption or energy flow.

A single motorization

Mechanically it will have a single 116 hp and 120 Nm conventional hybrid engine of maximum power torque from a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine associated with a gearbox eCVT variable transmission. Its 177.6 V battery, Toyota says, is capable of generating twice the energy when braking and supplying 50% more power when accelerating. It is also lighter than its predecessor, weighing just 27 kilos. Although its autonomy is short, it can reach in electric mode up to 130 kilometers per hour. Will be available with front-wheel drive or smart all-wheel drive AWD-i, which allows an independent electric motor on the rear axle and offers a torque distribution of between 100: 0 for the front axle and 40:60 for the rear, depending on the driving conditions and the chosen driving mode. The brand does not rule out expanding the mechanical offer in the future.

However, it homologates a consumption of between 4.7 and 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers and some emissions between 106 and 116 grams of CO2 per kilometer. In the first contact with a Yaris Cross Premiere Edition, with all-wheel drive, its consumption remained in the 5.8 liters constantly and in no case did they exceed six liters.

The Asian company maintains that dynamism has been improved thanks to a greater rigidity of its platform thanks to new high-resistance materials, while it has hardly gained 95 kilos, a short figure if one takes into account that it is significantly larger. In addition, a new front suspension of the McPherson type has been chosen and, for the AWD-i, a specific double wishbone suspension for the rear axle, which leaves room for the rear engine and also allows greater stability. During the test carried out in the presentation it seemed to us a car with little rocking despite its vocation of SUV. It is certainly stable and very comfortable on the road. Off the asphalt it is easy to drive although the bumps and jumps are noticeable.

From 23,350 euros

The new Toyota Yaris Cross is already on sale in Spain for a price that will start in the 23.350 euros. As standard, in its most basic finish, the Active Tech, the Japanese SUV already offers many of the functions of the Toyota Safety Sensesuch as the Pre-Collision System with Steering Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Signal Recognition, Lane Keeping and Steering Assist System, and the central airbag. Optionally, systems such as smart parking or cross traffic alert will be added. Thus, the Yaris Cross Active Tech, with front-wheel drive, 17-inch wheels, full LED headlights and a seven-inch central screen will start from those 23.350 euros.

The price range will reach 30.300 euros from Premiere Edition, the most complete option with all-wheel drive, 18-inch wheels, boot lid with automatic opening, leather upholstery, blind spot detector, Head-Up Display 10-inch and JBL sound system. The Adventure trim will also offer all-wheel drive, while the Active Tech, Style and Style Plus will be front-wheel drive. The firm offers, if financing is chosen, 1.850 euros off.


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