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Tragedy in Alabama after a man killed his mother with a ninja sword and injured his disabled uncle

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An Alabama man used a ninja sword to kill his mother, injure his disabled uncle and his brother.Mobile County authorities reported.

The man identified as Damien Washam, 23, stabbed his mother, Helen Nettles Washam, 61, with a recently purchased ninja sword, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said.

in additionWasham used the sword to cut his uncle, George Washington Nettles, 52, in the face., who suffers from cerebral palsy and stabbed the wrist of his brother, Desmon.

After the attack, Washam fled the house immediately but was caught after a police chase ensued, authorities said.

“This is quite brutal with a ceremonial type sword, not very sharp, and with that he attacked and killed his mother. He caused very serious injuries to his uncle and some minor injuries to his brother.Paul Burch, a captain with the Mobile Sheriff’s Office, told NBC 15 News.

The authorities had to deploy barbed wire to stop the car where Washam tried to escape, and made his arrest concrete with the use of an electroshock weapon, since he tried to flee on foot.

Once stopped, he attempted to run away, and officers approached him and he began resisting arrest.. One of the officers deployed a taser that struck him and was able to take him into custody,” Burch said.

Investigators found Helen’s lifeless body when they arrived at the suspect’s house to gather information, he reported. The New York Post.

For its part, the suspect’s uncle was rushed to a nearby hospital for serious injuries to his face, while the brother was treated on the spot.

Despite the nature of the murder, the suspect’s father spoke with Captain Burch, and confessed that he does not know what led his son to commit the crime and attack his other relatives.

“I talked to the father several times last night, and he doesn’t know what could have triggered this behavior. He said he has no known mental illness, no criminal record, he was not a bad boy, and you really have no idea what could have triggered this behaviorBurch added.

The suspected killer was also briefly taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, authorities added.

Washam is expected to be charged with murder, attempted murder, assault and evading officers.

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