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Tragedy in Nigeria: 21-story building collapsed and first deaths confirmed

There is still confusion over the number of missing as the debris removal continues.

Photo: Pius Utomi Ekpei / AFP / Getty Images

Unexpectedly a 21-story building collapsed on Monday in Lagos, Nigeria this Monday, with an unknown number missing, while there are fears that people are trapped under the rubble.

The collapse occurred in a luxury apartment building, located in the wealthy neighborhood of Ikoyi, in the capital of the African country.

“I thought it was an earthquake when I ran out of my apartment just after 3 in the afternoon. I felt the building move and I knew something was wrong “, declared citizen Olu Apata to CNN, a close resident who serves as the president of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Apata reported that the building has been under construction for the past two years and that the developer was on site meeting with potential buyers early Monday.

For his part, Ibrahim Farinloye, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency gave the EFE agency a balance of the number of people killed and rescued so far.

“We have recovered four bodies from the building that collapsed in Lagos today. We have also rescued four people alive, “explained Farinloye, who added: “There are a lot of people trapped in the building and we are working hard to rescue as many as possible.”

Prior to these statements, the National Emergency Management Agency had announced on its social networks that search and rescue operations were still underway.

“All emergency workers have been displaced to the scene and heavy equipment and detection of live people have been sent,” the agency said.

The first images on social networks left by the collapse of this Monday in Nigeria show people inspecting the place, where the concrete slabs were stacked in a pile of rubble.

Although these types of accidents are unusual, collapses of structures in the Nigerian capital are relatively common.

A similar event occurred in 2019 when two different buildings collapsed, among which was one that housed a school, leaving dozens of deaths in the Nigerian capital, whose population is 20 million people.

In 2014 an incident of this type would leave a greater number of deaths, when a 6-story building collapsed, leaving 116 people dead due to negligence in the building, in addition to being built illegally.

An expert in the field informed CNN that more than 1,000 buildings were at risk of collapse in the Nigerian capital due to structural failures.

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