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Traveling to Africa in spring is possible thanks to Bioparc València

BIOPARC València recreates the heart of the most spectacular African natural habitats.

BIOPARC València recreates the heart of the most spectacular African natural habitats.

Many are the people from Alicante who take advantage of this splendid season to discover the “treasures” that are closest to us and what does the Valencian Community. Besides, the spring with its great climate encourages you to enjoy outdoor activitiesas well as nature.

One of the best alternatives that the city of Valencia offers is BIOPARC, an unbeatable option for meet wildlife and travel to remote places of exuberant beauty where you can feel like the protagonists of a great adventure.

Thus, people from the five continents have been able to know the facilities of BIOPARC and they have been impressed. His experiences and evaluations have placed him among the ten best animal parks in the world, becoming a a source of pride for the entire Valencian Community.

At this time of year when life is reborn in every corner, vegetation sprouts and flourishes and animals, especially the numerous offspring of a multitude of species, show their desire to enjoy the good weather, BIOPARC provides an exceptional experience.

Enjoy African treasures without leaving the Valencian Community

Gori, the little hippopotamus born in BIOPARC, with his mother.

BIOPARC Valencia differs from the rest of animal preservation parks for his redefinition of the concept of leisure through the so-called “leisure with cause”, Committed to maximum with animal welfare and with the conservation of the environment.

In this sense, it has an impact on how it has managed to “bring” the heart of africa through a fell recreation of their habitats most impressive: the savannah, the jungles, the great wetlands or the exotic island of Madagascar. And, in this environment, know the animal species more emblematic like elephants, giraffes, rhinos O lions, as well as discovering other unknown ones such as the bongo, the oricterope, the denim or the little brother.

It is certainly also extraordinary to have the opportunity to see how gorilla and chimpanzee “babies” interact and play or how it submerges Gori, the little hippopotamus from BIOPARC, in the huge aquarium of the enigmatic cave of Kitum, who turns one year old this month.

To learn even more about wildlife, the display The circle of life, in the open-air amphitheater, it’s a authentic live documentary that surprises at every moment. What’s more, BIOPARC Valencia has a wide offer restoration, with wonderful views that allow you to enjoy a full day of immersion in the most threatened nature.

Coronavirus Safety

BIOPARC València has implemented strict anticovid measures in its facilities.

During the months of May and June BIOPARC can be visited from 10am to 7pm, with the peace of mind of knowing that implemented all COVID measures necessary security.

In this sense, the recommendation of make the advance reservation allows you to choose the day and time of entry and use the preferential access and the capacity control it is constantly updated and displayed on the screens at the park entrance. Likewise, the access by quotas, the signposting of the itineraries and the rules, as well as the marking to maintain the interpersonal distances, complete the rigorous plan for the protection of BIOPARC.

But all this is not enough without the collaboration of everyone in the Compliance with standards and respect for others, so since BIOPARC a call to responsibility to enjoy this privileged environment.

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