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Traveling with children by car: five infallible tricks

Traveling with children by car: five infallible tricks

Traveling with children by car: five infallible tricks

Traveling by car with children You can be a real nightmare for parents if they get bored and start to despair. With the five tricks you will turn that torture into a real pleasure.

Although the easiest and fastest way is to turn to tablets to watch movies or get distracted by video games, a survey recently conducted by the online parking reservation application Parclick shows that traditional games are the most effective for the little ones to be distracted during the journey. So there go our five tips for traveling with children by car.


Although it seems a cliché, sing popular songs as a family It is the best distraction for the kilometers to pass without realizing it. Children will have fun watching their parents sing and participating in the parts they remember. Play to learn and repeat the songs that the ‘daddies’ already sang It is a trick that does not fail when traveling with children by car.


If you have already been singing padlocks, you can start with the traditional gamestraditional games, in which the “I see I see” is and will always be the king. Children will be distracted by looking for that object that is impossible to find by the other occupants of the car, and guessing as soon as possible which is the object chosen by their travel companions.


If you have already tired of singing and searching, the time has come to get distracted by playing. Make sure that children carry with them her favorite toys and dollsas it can be distracting for hours. So that they always develop their adventures well it will help that they have a plane-type tray which they can access from the child seat. Yes indeed, watch out for dizziness.


After a good time of laughter and fun, it is time to relax with a good story. Children love when their parents tell them a good history, either invented or something traditional. Is recommendation is perfect after having eaten, since with a full belly it’s easier for them to fall asleep and thus enjoy some good hours of silence and relaxation.


Although the traditional is the most recommended according to the survey, it should not be forgotten that the technology is a great ally for traveling with children by cartraveling with children by car. If all traditional remedies have already been exhausted, now is the time to turn to tablets and portable consoles so they can see a movie, a serie, their favorite drawings, or have a good time playing videogames.

Despite being the easy resource, the little machines will deprive us of having a good time with our children, and maybe lose that moment of laughter and happiness that we will remember for a lifetime. For this reason, we propose other ways to spend time during the trip with the children apart from the previous five. For instance, benefit that small space of privacy that is shared by car so they can update us on their stories at school, that we ask all your doubts, That in talk about your feelings, or tell us what makes them happy or what makes them sad to get to know them a little more.

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