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Treason? Juventus will have its second documentary and it will not be with Netflix

Juventus players celebrate a goal against Roma on February 6, 2021.

Photo: Valerio Pennicino / Getty Images

The day to day of the Juventus of Turin will be the star of a new chapter in the Amazon Prime audiovisual platform series “All or Nothing”, which will be released internationally on November 25, with unpublished images of the triumphs and defeats experienced by the Juventine dressing room during the 2020-2021 season, the club reported this Wednesday at an event at the Allianz Stadium.

After the success achieved by the episodes dedicated to Manchester City and Tottenham in the English Premier League, the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, Amazon closed a content recorded for forty weeks, with 7,000 hours of resources, which tells the footballing life and staff of Juventus managers, coaches and players.

“A season is always full of emotions. It is great to live this relationship between manager and footballers, how you live the relationship between manager and coach. We live many victories and many defeats. It was good, with a coach in his first experience (Andrea Pirlo), with Cristiano Ronaldo, and in the end we won two trophies out of four available ”, assured the Czech Pavel Nedved, Juventine vice president.

Amazon Prime followed the footballing lives of Juventus players daily, recording conversations in the changing rooms before and after matches, and also in the personal, which allows us to better understand the character of each element of the Juventine squad.

The images refer to a difficult season for “Juve”, which last year he lost the title of champion of Italy after nine years of dominance and was eliminated for the third time in a row in the knockout stages of the Champions League, against a rival within reach such as Porto.

The documentary recounts without filters the frustrations of those defeats, but also the triumphs in the Italian Super Cup and the Italian Cup, in the last Juventine season of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Negotiations with the ‘Vecchia Signora’ began in 2019 and were closed positively, as the Turin club is constantly working to increase the visibility of its brand.

“Choosing Juventus was a great challenge. We spoke for the first time in March 2019. It meant convincing a team like Juventus to let us access their privacy. We wanted to clarify that we could not do something already seen, that it had to be something unprecedented. We chose Juventus because, for us, it tells the story of a whole country, from north to south, ”said Nicole Morganti, one of those responsible for this production.

“Everything is entertainment. We know that we do entertainment when we go out on the pitch, but we also do entertainment for televisions. We are more attentive than before to create content that can touch different aspects ”, Giorgi Ricci, Juventus manager who participated in the event, assured.

The Turin club He was already the protagonist in 2018 of a documentary about the lives of his footballers, told from the professional and also personal point of view, divided into four episodes and streamed by Netflix.

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