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Treatment of hip and knee pain

Treatment of osteoarthritis without surgery through different types of infiltrations such as PRP and hyaluronic acid.

Treatment of osteoarthritis without surgery through different types of infiltrations such as PRP and hyaluronic acid.
Antonio Amorós

Four years ago, from the illusion and medical care need that the population presented, the Dr. Soler Traumatological Institute was born, an avant-garde center of national reference in the center of the city of Elche that combines medicine e innovation to give the best service and solution to their patients. Formed by a team multidisciplinary specialists, led by Dr. Soler, offer quality, close, safe and efficient treatment.

In addition to the service Traumatology and Surgery Orthopedic have services such as neurosurgery and pain unit.

Dr. Soler, responsible and manager of the Clinic. Antonio Amorós

Solution for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a natural and biological wear It appears in most people over the age of sixty. It can also be the consequence of accidents, fractures, congenital alterations or sports injuries that affect the youngest.

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is pain and disability to carry out activities of daily life such as walking, shopping, dancing… The main joints affected are the knee and the hip, and may also appear in the spine, hands and feet.

Dr. Soler, head and manager of the clinic, initially proposed a solution to osteoarthritis without surgery, offering his patients intra-articular stem cell treatments, growth factors (Platelet Rich Plasma), treatments with mesenchymal cells from the patient’s own fat and treatments with high-density and high-quality hyaluronic acid, among others.

Image of the facilities. Antonio Amorós

These treatments, in just three sessions and a period of forty-five days, allow the patient to experience immediate and long-lasting symptomatic relief.

Tailor-made hip and knee prosthesis, performed with minimally invasive techniques with rapid recovery

In those cases in which treatment without surgery is not possible, Dr. Soler is considered one of the main orthopedic surgeons from the province. Specialist in hip replacement and made to measure knee, it performs minimally invasive techniques with a rapid recovery that allow the patient to be discharged from hospital in 24 hours, without pain, without bleeding and with a rapid functional recovery.

In the clinic they have personalized financing that allows his patients to enjoy knee or hip replacement surgery from just € 300 / month for four years.

The facilities have a fully equipped operating room.Antonio Amorós

Pain unit

Multidisciplinary unit composed of anesthesiologists and neurosurgeons led by Dr. Soler, a surgeon specializing in the Pain treatment by the University of Cádiz, they solve ailments that surgery is not capable of solving. In addition to alleviate and improve quality of life of those patients whose interventions have not been satisfactory. Among the techniques they use are facet infiltrations, stellate ganglion, epidurals, infiltrations with botulinum toxin or ozone.

Operating room local anesthesia

The clinic offers its patients a Surgery Unit without Income (UCSI) service with local anesthesia. The facilities have a fully equipped operating room in which small surgeries such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, spring finger, ingrown toenail, claw toe or bunions, among others, can be operated on in a short period of time, without the need for hospitalization.

A multidisciplinary team made up of anesthesiologists and neurosurgeons led by Dr. Soler. Antonio Amorós

Thanks to this system they can ensure fast and safe intervention whose monitoring and treatment will be carried out by the nursing team led by Elisa Fructuoso.

The main symptom of osteoarthritis is pain and the inability to perform activities of daily living

Another service offered by Dr.’s clinic Soler is that of the radiology conventional In which simple x-rays and high-resolution ultrasounds of the different parts of the locomotor system can be performed in the act of the clinical consultation, giving a quality and immediate service to the patient.

More information:

Direction: C / Porta de la Morera, number 13 BI, Elche (03203) Alicante

Telephone: 647 582 708




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