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Treatments for acne, wrinkles or blemishes on the face

When we talk about aging cutaneous We must not only focus our attention on wrinkles. The first step to having a youthful and luminous skin is to unify your tone and show smoothness and balance.

In this case, the first treatments that we should focus on are those of stain removal. When we talk about spots we mean both Brown color as the base vascular, with a more pinkish or even reddish / purplish appearance.

How to treat blemishes on the face

The most frequent brown spots are lentigos, light or dark spots that appear in people of middle or old age. They are usually benign and are acquired over the years, although it also has to do with a genetic component and solar exposition.

The most frequent brown spots are lentigos and are usually benign Freepik

They can be treated successfully if the right suitable technology. From lasers Q-Switched conventional (Alexandrite, Neodymium, Ruby) to the most innovative such as Pico Way, which through its picosecond technology is capable of eliminating injuries in a fewer sessions and with fewer skin lesions.

Vascular lesions

As to vascular lesions, the most frequent are facial telangiectasias that usually appear in cheeks and nostrils such as couperose that produce a chronic redness on the cheeks, chin and forehead, and that are often very annoying for patients who suffer from it.

For your treatment it is also important to have the most suitable laser technology. Pulsed dye laser platform is usually used as well as multiplex technology of the Aesthetic Dermatology Center when the lesions are deeper.

Having these laser platforms allows the patient to join their social and work life practically immediately since they act on the affected skin without injuring the surrounding skin.

Acne treatment

Let’s not forget that on the subject of rejuvenationAcne marks also play an important role. Acne breakouts during adolescence or early adulthood can leave trademarks and areas of pore dilation that give the skin an aged appearance, without uniformity or luminosity.

Kleresca therapy stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin Freepik

For this, we also have two technologies for the acne treatment that combined give excellent results. On the one hand, the Kleresca therapy offers a biophotonic treatment that combines a multi-led lamp with a photoconverter gel that stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

If in addition, they add combined treatments with Pico Way for rejuvenation, the results in treating acne marks can be encouraging and provide the skin with a renewed, smooth and bright appearance.

Treatments for wrinkles

Once the skin tone is unified, it is time to improve the quality in terms of wrinkles, smoothness and firmness, and aesthetic medicine plays an important role in this.

It is important to carry out a good diagnosis, always in person, so that it can be assessed in what way the patient gestures, what are their expression, which static, which dynamics and thus establish the appropriate treatment.

It should be assessed how the patient gestures and what are their expression lines, among other aspects Freepik

The therapeutic range is varied, but must be customized in each case.

To get a deep hydration From layers of the skin where creams and serums are unable to reach, treatments such as plasma rich in growth factors obtained from the patient himself as well as deep hydrations with hyaluronic acid. In this way, dermal volume is achieved and an improvement in the structure and firmness of the skin, without being considered filler treatments.

It is also time to realize chemical peels, which improve the quality of the skin due to their ability to peel and dermal renewal, increasing the production of collagen, elastin and proteoglicanos of natural form.

Aesthetic Dermatological Center Facilities, Alicante

The Botox treatment it is the most used in aesthetic medicine and in many other branches of medicine as well. In the case of aesthetics, it is necessary to update and train in the application so that the results offered to patients are natural and beautifying, always giving the skin a feeling of juiciness and luminosity.

Now that the sun begins to fall, it is time to get ready, giving light and smoothness to our skin.

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