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Trevor Noah on the minimum corporate tax: ‘15% is not even that much!’ | Late night TV overview

Trevor noah

“It looks like Democrats are close to a breakthrough on the Build Back Better bill,” Trevor Noah said on Wednesday’s Daily Show, as Democratic lawmakers worked to cut Biden’s top legislative priority in a way that opponents Senate Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema would support.

But everyone was in agreement with taxing the richest corporations, pushing a proposal that would set a benchmark tax of 15% for companies with more than $ 1 billion in profits. “I know Amazon is going to complain, but 15% is not even that much!” Noah said. “These giant companies are going to pay the same rate as the guy who distributes the shoes at the bowling alley, and I guarantee you: that guy doesn’t have his own. penis shaped spaceship. “

Additionally, the proposal would tax the earnings presented to the company’s shareholders, not the figures reported to the IRS. “Because those are two very different numbers,” Noah said. “It’s like the way people talk about sex differently with their date compared to the way they talk about it with their mother.”

Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, at least seemed to support taxing the wealthiest Americans, as he told reporters about his proposed 15% “patriotic tax”.

“I see what you’re doing, trying to appeal to national pride,” Noah said. “And I see why you’re doing it, because you can convince a lot of people to do things they don’t want to do if you just call it ‘patriotic.’

“I don’t know if this is going to convince corporations to be happy that they have less money, but I think Manchin is right: to pay taxes. it is patriot ”, he concluded. “Part of loving your country is supporting your country financially. You cannot say you love your child if you are sending all your money to another child in the Cayman Islands. “

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert also discussed the new tax policies on the Late Show, beginning with a proposal called the Billionaires Income Tax. “Now, the details are a bit complex, let me try to explain: billionaires, there are these things called taxes, and they should pay them,” he said.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s proposal would tax only those with more than $ 1 billion in assets or those who earn more than $ 100 million in income for three years in a row. “Here’s a simple way to see if it affects you: take your spare superyacht to your third home on the private island in the shape of your own head,” said Colbert. “Look in your garage, if there isn’t a spaceship there, you’re fine.

“Calling it a multi-million dollar income tax was a smart mark on the part of the Democrats,” he continued, “because the Republicans are going to sound pretty out of touch if they object, which they did right away.”

Samantha bee

On Full Frontal, Samantha Bee addressed a topic that would scare many viewers: the death industry. The average cost of a funeral has doubled the rate of inflation since the 1980s; In 2019, a standard funeral cost on average more than $ 9,000.

“Death in America used to not be big business,” Bee explained, as the traditional American funeral included a wake and a home burial. But in the 1930s, as more people died in hospitals, death became more professionalized. “But unlike most multibillion dollar industries, this one benefits customers when they are most vulnerable,” said Bee. “Like Taylor Swift, look, if you’re going to totally wreck me with an album like Folklore, of course I’m going to buy your cardigan merchandise.

“Paying for funerals is impossible for many families, who increasingly resort to desperate means such as crowdfunding,” he added. “And it’s not that funerals are unaffordable because everyone asks for large Aretha Franklin-style memorials with multiple dates and costume changes. Although, a great RESPECT if they do. “

But even basic funerals can be out of reach for many families due to hidden costs, from casket rental to embalming, an unnecessary procedure that dumps 4.3 million gallons of chemicals on the ground each year. “On the positive side, it allows humans to die as we live: destroying the environment,” Bee joked.

There are increasingly popular and environmentally friendly options, such as green burials and composting your body. “Many of the problems that we have discussed exist because we are afraid to face our own deaths, so we outsource everything to the funeral industry,” he concluded, asking for more awareness of the alternatives.

Seth meyers

And on Late Night, Seth Meyers lashed out at Georgia Congresswoman and unrepentant electoral conspirator Marjorie Taylor Greene, who tried to justify the January 6 uprising this week by saying that the Declaration of Independence supports the overthrow of the “tyrants.”

Greene’s comments came days after a rolling stone report linked her and seven other Republican lawmakers to the organizers of the Stop the Steal rally that led to the attack. Two rally organizers now cooperating with federal investigators have described “dozens” of planning meetings with those lawmakers; one said it “specifically remembered Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

“You would definitely remember talking to Marjorie Taylor Greene, in the same way that you would remember being attacked by Chucky,” Meyers said. “If the police took his statement after a Chucky attack, they wouldn’t say ‘ah, I don’t remember his name.’

Greene has denied the report, saying she was too focused on opposing the certification of the 2020 election results. “Her denial is itself a damning admission: she claims that she did not participate in planning the protest because she was too busy trying to overturn the election results, ”Meyers said. “We shouldn’t let that go unnoticed. It’s a classic defense: ‘I couldn’t have burned your house down because I was too busy buying gas, matches and a map of your house.’

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