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Triathlon champion Susana Rodríguez remains without a double in Tokyo

Susana Rodríguez and her guide, Sara Loehr, cross the finish line

Susana Rodríguez and her guide, Sara Loehr, cross the finish line
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Galician Susana rodriguez, who finished fifth in the 1,500 meters, class T11 of the visually impaired, together with their guide Celso Comesaña, ran out of the long-awaited double in the Tokyo Paralympic Games after the victory a few days ago in triathlon.

Susana arrived in Tokyo with the aim of trying to get on the podium twice but always giving priority to the triathlon. In the Bay of Odaiba he fulfilled it and, together with his guide Sara Loehr, they were crowned triathlon champions, but two days later she could not repeat the same success in triathlon.

The accumulated wear, the suffocating heat in the Tokyo stadium and a more specific preparation for the 1,500 meters test prevented the double.

“The priority was the triathlon because we have prepared this race based on that. Even so, this is to assess, being in fifth position is an achievement and I thank Susana for making me fulfill a dream, “said Celso Comesaña at the end of the test.

The victory was taken by the Mexican Mónica Olivia Rodríguez and her guide, Kevin Aguilar, who were crowned with an undeniable dominance on the track that resulted in a gold and a new world record.

The Mexicans, with authority, reached the finish line in a time of 4:37.40, followed for more than three seconds by the South African couple formed by Louzanne Coetzee and Erasmus Badenhorst, who were silver. The bronze went to Kenyan Nancy Chelangat and her guide Geoffrey Kiplangat Rotich.

Susana and Celso, sprinting to overcome the Chinese couple formed by Shanshan He and Ziqin Huang, finished fifth and took a diploma from the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

I’m leaving Japan happy because I get a gold in triathlon and a diploma in athletics. We knew that if there were certain circumstances we could be there but it is clear that what happened the days before with the triathlon would not be in vain. It is difficult to manage everything and it is a learning lesson for the future, “confessed Susana.

“This year has been good but there are also many things that are not seen, which is the daily work,” said the Galician athlete, who finally was able to fulfill his dream of participating in track and field in a Games after the disappointment of 2008.

That year he achieved the minimum for Beijing in athletics but there were only six places and seven candidates. She stayed out and the disappointment made her leave the sport for a while until she found the triathlon, with which she debuted in a Games in Rio with a fifth place.

“I believe that life always gives you a second chance and now what you have to do is enjoy yourself,” he said.

Susana Rodríguez, who suffers a visual acuity that only allows you to see 5% in one eye and 7% in the other As a result of albinism, he will not forget these Tokyo Games nor this year that he is living, in which his figure is crossing the frontier of sport to the point of have been on the cover of ‘Time’, the American magazine that is considered one of the most prestigious and influential in the world.

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