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Tribal clashes in Darfur leave more than 160 dead

  • The UN calls for an investigation after a wave of violence in the Sudanese region that has left tens of thousands displaced

More than 160 people died this Sunday in Darfurregion west of Sudandue to armed clashes due to the tribal violenceaccording to the spokesman for the General Coordinator for Refugees and Displaced from Darfur, adam regal. The violence erupted in Krink, some 80 kilometers from West Darfur’s capital Geneina, on Friday when eight people were killed, the spokesman said. Also, at least 98 people were wounds in combat and the balance could be much higher.

The violence was unleashed last Friday, after two pastors from the arab tribes were murdered by armed men of the African tribe Masalit, a security source in Darfur told Efe. The clashes led to a revenge campaign by various groups, while hostilities They rebounded during the day on Sunday.

Regal lamented that the situation “is difficult and is deteriorating” and has accused pro-government militias to be behind the attack. In this context, he has pointed out on social networks that ‘Janjawiid’ militias -accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the conflict in Darfur- burst into Kereneik after the withdrawal of the security forces from the area, “leaving the victims at the mercy of the militias”. Along the same lines, he has held “the coup government and the militias” responsible for the situation and has called on the United Nations Security Council and the African Union (AU) to adopt “decisive measures to protect civilians displaced and defenseless in the Darfur region”.

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For this reason, he has demanded the sending of international troopsas it has argued that the military authorities -responsible for a coup in October 2021-, “do not have the desire to give protection to the displaced in Darfur”, but rather “support these criminal militias and give them protection and immunity to implement their plans.

The UN calls for an investigation

Likewise, the spokesman for the General Coordinator for Refugees and Displaced Persons in Darfur has asked the International Criminal Court (CFI) to closely analyze the situation and the deepening of the crisis after the withdrawal of troops from the AU-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) in mid-2021.

For his part, the special representative of the UN in Sudan, Volker Perthshas condemned the “atrocious murders” in Kereneik and the attacks on health facilities in the area, for which he has demanded the immediate end to violence and has recalled the obligation to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Perthes has called for speeding up the deployment of security forces joint operations contemplated in the peace agreement between the Government and various rebel groups in October 2020. It has also requested a “transparent and in-depth” investigation and that its conclusions be published, as well as that those responsible for the violence be identified in order to bring them to justice. Finally, he has claimed a humanitarian access without restrictions to give aid to the victims.

displaced crisis

In addition to the deaths and injuries, the wave of tribal violence has caused tens of thousands of people have fledas reported on Monday by the NGO Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). “The armed violence that broke out on Friday in the city of Kreinik, West Darfur, has displaced tens of thousands of people,” he said in an NRC statement. “Villages in West Darfur are burning before our eyes and communities are being raided again and again. This tragedy is fast becoming a catastrophe. The deadly spiral of violence must end,” said the director of the NGO in Sudan, Will Carter.

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The NRC has noted that most of those affected by the fighting in Kreinim they were already displaced for other episodes of violence and added that many saw their homes burned down in another incident five months ago and therefore lived in a makeshift camp. Thus, he has warned that the violence could spread to Al Geneina, where there are nearly 100,000 displaced people. “We ask the parties to reduce tensions immediately and prevent further harm to civilians. Safe and free access to civilians and humanitarian aid access must be urgently restored,” Carter said.

Darfur lived a civil war with ethnic overtones between 2003 and 2008, with more than 300,000 dead and 1.8 million displaced. In recent times, the region has once again become the scene of frequent tribal Clashes, despite the October 2020 peace agreement with various rebel groups, which sought to end the fighting that broke out in 2003.

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