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Tribute to life: Survivor of the Chapecoense tragedy inspired the production of a film

After five years, he will make a film about a survivor of the Chapecoense tragedy.

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Colombian filmmaker Gustavo Nieto Roa announced this Thursday in Medellín that next year filming will begin on a film based on the story of former footballer Helio Neto, one of the six survivors of the Chapecoense tragedy.

The film production, to be filmed in Colombia and Brazil, It will be named ‘The Last Survivor’ And it will tell part of Neto’s childhood, his stage as an athlete and his miraculous rescue after the plane crash that left 71 dead on the night of November 28, 2016.

“I am proud of this film based on real events, which It has to do with life and death, ”Nieto Roa told Efe, who has directed films like ‘El taxiista millionaire’, ‘Colombia Connection’ and ‘Mariposas Verdes’.

He added that it is a “very interesting” story about a footballer who started his journey being “very poor as a child” and had to overcome several obstacles to become a professional player.

The film, he explained, will focus especially on a premonitory dream of Neto about the accident and the plane that brought the Chapecoense, to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana with Atlético Nacional, which crashed into a hill after running out of fuel three minutes after landing at an airport near Medellín.

“That story is itself cinematic,” said the film’s director.

To the event held in Medellín to announce the film, which will cost six million dollars and will be released in 2023, for the 50th birthday of Chapecoense, Neto himself attended to endorse this project of “entertainment with social impact”, as it was presented by its directors.


The former defender of “Chape”, who a day before was planting trees in what is now called Cerro Chapecoense, where the incident occurred five years ago, said that the film will tell a story of “faith” and “brotherhood” to leave a message of “hope” and “resilience”.

“It will be a constructive movie. It will tell the story of a simple person like me, who has always had faith, who in many moments it seemed that he would not achieve something, but that he went further than he thought “Neto told Efe.

He stressed that “it is not about making a movie to earn money, success and fame”, as the project wants to share it with all the families of the accident victims.

Therefore, a percentage of the income received from the film will be donated to the Asociación de Familias del Chapecoense.

“I have been a person who always spoke of God and faith, so I could not do it any other way,” said the former footballer, the last survivor to be rescued and the most serious, so He spent 12 days in an induced coma in a hospital in Colombia.

Explained that what he experienced in a country where he came to play a final transformed his life and built a bond which led him to accept the making of the film, the script of which was written by Edison Vanegas, a retired police officer and film director.

“Colombia welcomed us, and it is a loving way of hugging everyone here”said Neto, who continues to demand “justice” and that all the people involved in the accident of the flight of the Bolivian company LaMia “assume the consequences.”

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