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Tributes to Prince Philip, riots in Belfast, horses airlifted in Switzerland | This week in pictures

This week, the world paid tribute to Prince Philip, the queen’s husband, who died at the age of 99.

Meanwhile, riots in Belfast, Northern Ireland, continued despite calls for calm.

Another volcano, this time on the French island of Reunion, has started to erupt. Elsewhere, Swiss army forces carried out a spectacular horse and airlift test operation and farmers across Europe lit antifreeze candles to save their crops.

Here’s how photographers from around the world captured these and other stories of the week.

Niklas Halle'n / AFP
The Piccadilly Circus electronic billboard displays a tribute to Britain’s Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in central London. April 9, 2021Niklas Halle’n / AFP
April 7, 2021. Peter Morrison / AP Photo
Police form a line on the Springfield road to prevent Nationalists and Loyalists from attacking each other, as a hijacked bus burns in the distance in Belfast, Northern Ireland.April 7, 2021. Peter Morrison / AP Photo
Photo by Urs Flueeler / AP
Antifreeze candles burn in cherry orchards to protect buds and flowers from frost, in Oberdorf, Switzerland. April 9, 2021.Photo by Urs Flueeler / AP
Jean-Christophe Bott / AP Photo
A Swiss Air Force helicopter transports three horses at a time during an exercise in Saignelegier, Switzerland. April 9, 2021Jean-Christophe Bott / AP Photo
RICHARD BOUHET / AFP or licensees
Lava erupting from the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, on the south side of the volcano, on the French island of Reunion, in the Indian Ocean. April 10, 2021RICHARD BOUHET / AFP or licensees
Halldor Kolbeins / AFP
A helicopter flies over lava flowing from a fissure near Fagradalsfjall volcano on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula. April 6, 2021Halldor Kolbeins / AFP
AFP Photo / Karen Information Center
People taking part in a candlelight demonstration against the military coup in Kyain Seikgyi Township in eastern Myanmar’s Karen State.AFP Photo / Karen Information Center
Tarso Sarraf / AFP
A hospital health worker in Belem, Pará state, Brazil, sings and prays for a COVID-19 patient inside hospital wards as part of Easter celebrations. April 4, 2021Tarso Sarraf / AFP
Anne-Christine Poujoulat / AFP
Protesters hold a banner and red flares lit during a demonstration called by the health and social workers unions in Paris. April 8, 2021Anne-Christine Poujoulat / AFP
A Ukrainian military man walks into a trench while at his front line post with Russian-backed separatists near the city of Zolote, in the Lugansk region. April 8STR / AFP
April 6, 2021. AFP Photo / Russian Space Agency Roscosmos
The Russian space agency Roscosmos shows a view of the Soyuz rocket, as the service structure rises into position at site 31 of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.April 6, 2021. AFP Photo / Russian Space Agency Roscosmos
Miraj Kateb / AFP
People gather around a dead whale washed ashore on a beach in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. April 10, 2021Miraj Kateb / AFP
Ludovic Marin / AFP
People walk past cherry blossoms and a metro station in Paris, France. April 8, 2021Ludovic Marin / AFP
Loving Babani / AFP
A man runs through the snow covered landscape during a sunny day on the Feldberg mountain, Oberreifenberg, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. April 8, 2021Loving Babani / AFP

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