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Tricks so that your skin does not suffer from the wave of polar cold

Tricks so that your skin does not suffer with this wave of polar cold.

Tricks so that your skin does not suffer with this wave of polar cold.

‘Filomena’ has not only wreaked havoc in our cities, but also in our skin. And it is that extremely low temperatures that we are experiencing these days in Spain – and we still have the worst in terms of thermal decline – affects our skin more than we think, especially to the face. The cold, the freezing wind or the dryness of the environment caused by the heating cause skin problems such as dehydrated lips, redness on the cheeks, irritations and a feeling of tightness, among other annoying inconveniences.

If you want to protect your skin and strengthen its barrier function to better cope with this cold wave, we give you the keys to ensure that your face continues to be hydrated and luminous. Follow these simple tricks that the pharmacist Rocío Escalante offers us and your skin will thank you.

More hydration on the skin. If the skin on your face tends to dry out, in addition to choosing moisturizing and nourishing creams, we advise you to apply a moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid beforehand. Just as you wear more layers of clothing on your body to protect yourself from the cold, facial skin, especially if it is sensitive and dry, needs more layers of hydration.

Be careful with daily cleaning. In the driest and dehydrated skin, you have to be very careful with daily cleaning, since contact with water can increase that dehydration or dryness .. For these skins, the ideal is to choose makeup remover oils and milks, or micellar water to remove makeup and cleanse the face.

Special care for the lips. One of the most sensitive areas in winter is the skin of the lips, so you have to increase hydration. Use lip balms daily, as many times as you need to hydrate them and avoid the annoying sensation of dryness that, in addition, can make you lick them, something that causes more dehydration.

Caution with the skin around the eyes. Being a thinner skin can suffer more dehydration and dryness. Use a specific product in the morning and at night.

Oils, allies for the driest skin. At night, on drier skin, we recommend using facial oil, with moisturizing and nourishing properties, to restore comfort and help regenerate at night.

Extra care. At least twice a week, if the skin tends to get very dry, apply a hydrating face mask.

Humidifier Having a humidifier in your office and at home will also help you to have perfect skin in winter, by avoiding the dry environment that heating creates.

Do not forget about the skin of the body. Although it is covered, it also suffers from the cold and especially the very hot water, something that is very desirable at the moment, but is not highly recommended for the skin, because it causes dehydration. It is preferable to use warm water and moisturize the skin of the body daily.

Necessary ingredients in winter. Ceramides, lipids and hyaluronic acid are the best active ingredients to hydrate the skin.

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