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Tricks to cut your hair at home

Cutting your hair at home is not as difficult as it sounds.

Cutting your hair at home is not as difficult as it sounds.
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Nobody wants to empty their pockets in the Barber Shop to review only the tips or make a punctual cut, and above so that later you don’t like the look that they left you because it was not what you wanted.

If your intention is to give a slight change to your style but nothing exaggerated, we bring you some little tricks with which you can cut your hair at home yourself, with three essential materials: a small comb, sharp scissors and fingers, to act as a stop and measure at the same time.

It is always necessary to change and remove the fear of cutting that kilometer long hair, because a slight cut can give your look a new, fresh and very attractive look.

Cut the ends

To renew the hair and make it look healthier, there is nothing better than hitting a slight cut to the ends, since they are the part of the hair that suffers the most. It is advisable cut them at least every two months. To do this we must wet the hair, comb it leaving the part in the middle and collect it in a ponytail. Then we put the ponytail in front of the throat and cut the ends with sharp scissors.

Cut the bangs

Trimming the bangs is very simple and you only need to wet it, gather it up to the center of the forehead and cut it to the length you like using small sharp scissors; yes, without going clear, since when drying the bangs it will be shorter.

Paraded cut

This cut is more complicated but not impossible for the daring. First you have to wet the hair and throw it forward, separating the back part into two strands. Take the central strand and cut a little to act as a guide as far. Next, the two lateral strands are cut diagonally, ensuring that they remain the same, with the same inclination. Finally we peck the tips to give a more paraded style.

Scaled cut

To scale the hair we need to have a lot of technique, since it is a bit complicated. First he wet his hair and leans forward with his head down while we touch his chest with our chin. So we take the tips and cut a straight line with the precaution that everything is straight and that no stubborn strand is left uncut.

Bob cut

If you want a more radical change, you can do the bob with this simple trick: wet your hair, throw it completely back in a low ponytail and cut it just below the gum; and if you want it longer, you only need to make the ponytail lower.

Cuts for boys

The mens do not need to go to the hairdresser every two to three for a cut or a makeover. For the bravest we leave you a trick to cut your hair at home and improve your appearance:

It is important to have a pair of mirrors, to be able to see the part behind and check that it is even. Wet the hair and part it into sections, those of the sides and the crown making a separation with a comb. Then comb the hair from the sides to the front, towards the ears and temple. Then grab that lock with your fingers to limit the cut of the scissors and cut off what sticks out. Cut perpendicular to your fingers to remove excess volume. Repeat the same process: lift the hair from your scalp and cut perpendicular to your fingers.

To cut the upper part you have to do it in the same way, but with care since you can see more than the cuts on the sides. V-cuts give a punk-like look and some poorly made cuts can give the impression of a bald start.

You can finally trim sideburns with a razor. Also cut the back part starting with a flush cut at the top of the neck and moving it closer as it approaches the nape.

In the following video you can see another type of cut:

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