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Tricks to go to the bathroom instantly (and get rid of constipation)

Five tricks to go to the bathroom instantly

Five tricks to go to the bathroom instantly

After the summer your body may find it difficult to get used to the return to the routine. After the excesses typical of this time of year, we need our body to function as it should again, and our intestine resume your activity to 100% to avoid the constipation.

The most appropriate thing would be to incorporate into our routine the intake of water, which helps to improve intestinal transit and eliminate feces. You know, professionals recommend drinking two liters a day. Incorporate our diet foods rich in fiber It will also help, but undoubtedly another of the simplest remedies is: not putting up with the urge to go to the bathroom. They are signs, symptoms of your body, that indicate that you should go to a bathroom and not delay it any more.

So if these days you are constipated or you just want to go to the bathroom instantly, we will tell you five tricks or natural remedies that you can use and that will work quickly.

1. Fennel juice

Fennel is one of the most famous plants for relieving constipation. Due to its diuretic properties, it has a double benefit: it reduces gas and helps us digest food better. Two qualities that make constipation improve. You can take it several times a week

Fennel juice recipe

Prepare a rich juice with these ingredients

  • a sprig of fennel
  • 2 apples (better if they are Granny Smith or Fuji)
  • Some mint leaves

If it is too thick you can add water to make it a little more liquid.

2. Flax seeds

The properties of flax, and specifically its seeds, are in a kind of gel that they release as they are soaked. Intestinal transit improves a lot with this kind of liquid. But how to take it? Very easy. Put the seeds in a yogurt in the fridge overnight. The next morning you already have a breakfast that will help you go to the bathroom instantly.

Flax seeds promote intestinal transit Freepik

3. Applesauce

The apple is one of the fruits that helps the most during constipation, but be careful, the fundamental thing is not to remove the skin. This part of the apple contains the most fiber, so it is very important to eat it unpeeled.

To make a rich compote you have to cook the apple (with skin) either in a pot or in the microwave. To sweeten you can use another great product to improve intestinal transit: honey.

4. Infusion of pennyroyal mint

It is one of the most traditional infusions. Whether at home or away from home, taking an infusion of pennyroyal improves digestion and is very effective in ending the feeling of bloating and, of course, constipation.

Chamomile tea is also a perfect ally for losing weight while you sleep Pixabay

5. Manzanilla

Another classic of infusions: chamomile. The properties of this plant are many and, among them, to end constipation. If you don’t like the flavor very much, you can mix it with pennyroyal or use a natural sweetener.

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