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Tricks to improve memory in exam times

Memorizing theory, facts, answers, and theorems is key to passing most exams, in any course or career. Memory must perform at its best.

Remembering a date, or a mathematical formula, can be the key to passing an exam. is this time students need their memory not to fail themand that can only be achieved with training, rest… and some tricks that we are going to explain.

Remembering things is one of the most wonderful functions of the brain, but this process does not happen by magic. Neurons, brain cells, and the brain as a whole it is an organ that needs to be cared forlike any other.

Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, not smoking or drinking alcohol, and exercising are key to ensuring that our memory works at its best. But other than this, What tricks can we use to improve memory?


Mnemonic rules and tricks to improve memory

Various studies have shown that listen to classical music improves memory and learning. This type of music boosts the activity of genes involved in memory, learning, secretion and transport of dopamine, a molecule that lowers blood pressure and protects the intestinal mucosa. In the case of the brain, dopamine strengthens neuronal communication.

Another easy way to memorize better and improve memory in the short term it is to take a nap of about 45 or 60 minutes. For example, before studying for an exam. Researchers at the University of Saarland (Germany) have shown that people who had previously taken a nap memorized more words than others who had not.

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A very curious trick from Muy Intensante is clench your fists. A study from Montclair University (USA) found that clenching the right fist for 90 seconds helps in the process of memorizing. On the contrary, if we clench the left fist we remember what we had memorized.

It is also known that a positive mindset makes learning more effective. If you constantly repeat “i can’t learn this“, “I am not able to memorize this lesson“, “I’m going to fail tomorrow“, the brain performs worse and even arouses anxiety and stress that further blocks memory.

Before memorizing something important, repeat several times out loud “I have good memory” either “it’s easy to remember this“Positive thoughts that will reduce anxiety and get your brain to perform at 100%.

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Also try to close the eyes. Research has shown that closing your eyes while memorizing something makes it easier to remember.

Whether you’re studying math or a boring old text, you’ll remember it better if you associate it with images or movies. As you memorize, associate the content with a related photo, drawing, or movie sequence. When you have to remember it, that image will come to mind and it will be easier for you to retrieve the associated information.

Drink coffee and chocolate the weeks of the exams. Both foods have substances that reinforce memory.

They are simple tips to put into practice, so you have nothing to lose by trying them. Good luck with those exams!

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