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Tricks to lose weight | Sakuma method: 5 minutes a day to change your body by exercising

Sakuma method: change your body by exercising 5 minutes a day

Sakuma method. If you have not heard of it, here we explain what it is. This method has been created by Kenichi Sakuma, a guru of fitness Japanese, which is sweeping the world. To work this technique you only need five minutes a day and they won’t be necessary no hard workouts nor miracle diets to show off a prettier body. If you also add to your daily routine certain healthy habits and a sana diet the results will be spectacular.

To achieve this goal, the Sakuma method tries to correct certain postural habits through 5 different exercises that should be practiced for at least one minute each.

Exercise 1 of the Sakuma method

The first exercise he proposes Kenichi Sakuma It is the one that appears on the cover of your book. To execute it, you have to stand face down, crossing the hands behind the neck and sticking the chin to the neck. Then you have to cross your legs at the ankles and elevate head and legs keeping the abdomen only on the floor for 10 seconds and repeating the movement 3 times.

Exercise 2 of the Sakuma method

In a second exercise It would be necessary to maintain the same posture but without crossing the legs at the ankles and pressing them against each other. It should also last 10 seconds and repeat 3 times.

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The Sakuma method or how to reshape your body by exercising 5 minutes a day

Exercise 3 of the Sakuma method

Keeping lying face down, you have to cross the ankles separating the knees. Then you have to lift your legs off the ground and stay like this for 10 seconds. With this technique the hips are strengthened, the buttocks are worked, and cellulite is fought.

Exercise 4 of the Sakuma method

There’s also training that can be done sitting down. Lower your shoulders and away from your head as much as possible. At the same time raise one leg and move the hip. Hold 3 seconds and switch legs. Must be done 10 repetitions.

Sakuma method: change your body by exercising 5 minutes a day

What’s more, the Sakuma method invites you to wear a diet in which they should be included more quality protein on the daily menu, never skip the breakfast, eat three times a day, drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol. In addition, it is convenient to lead a life without stress or burden.

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