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Tricks to lose weight | The drink you should drink on an empty stomach to lose weight

Lemon water, slimming?

Lemon water, slimming?

Water is essential for health, is among the main recommendations for go on a diet, since it helps lose weight and to stay hydrated. Thus, the amount of water consumed per day is especially important.

Specifically, drink enough water, that is, between 2 and 2.5 liters per day, helps to take care of muscles and joints, improves skin health, increases physical and cognitive performance, favors the absorption of nutrients, fights infections or reduces the risk of heart problems.

However, if it is enjoyed and consumed in a certain way, its benefits can be multiplied. For its part, the medical department of the health insurer Cigna offers five alternatives that enhance the advantages of Water In the health:

1. Drink water when you wake up and before eating

To activate the body and provide energy to the body it is recommended drink two glasses of water when you get up. Another great moment is before eating, since in addition to satiate, it allows a better digestion. The third recommended occasion is in the before bathing, as it helps maintain blood pressure and avoid problems due to temperature changes. And it is advisable to consume a glass of water before getting into bed to hydrate in hours of rest, liclean the organism or avoid muscle cramps at night.

2. The lemon

Take water with lemon every morning is beneficial for health because it has plenty of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals and also prevents cardiovascular diseases. Added to this is the fact that it promotes good digestion, strengthens the immune system and helps eliminate fluids and enjoy healthier skin.

It is also recommended to consume it with orange – it fights anxiety and strengthens the immune system -, with cucumber and mint – it is detoxifying and favors the weightloss-, with apple and cinnamon – it helps the metabolism to accelerate – or with aloe vera – very effective to improve circulation and digestion and have more energy. The combinations are endless.

3. Drinking hot water improves circulation or helps you lose weight

It has been shown that drink warm water or hot, as long as you do not have any health problems and are not overused, improves circulation, is an ally against colds, reduces pain or detoxifies the body.

It has also been confirmed that it has greater effects when it comes to losing weight by stimulating the metabolism if it is drunk before a meal up to 10 percent more than cold water. in addition, it has been verified that hot beverages, such as coffee or tea, are important allies when it comes to controlling stress.

4. Sea water

Among the main properties of seawater is its antibiotic effect, perfect for wound healing processes. It is also a great ally when it comes to recovering from certain injuries, treating rheumatic problems and alleviate the effects of skin diseases, such as psoriasis.

5. Exercising in the water, much more than getting fit

The watersports are the best alternative for any type of person and, especially, for pregnant, older adults or people with some type of injury who need recuperative therapy, because it is an injury-free environment, regulates body temperature and thas 12 times more resistance than air, which produces faster results.

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