Monday, December 11

Trigger Point: Vicky McClure’s Bomb Defusal Thriller Will Make You a Skilled Cop, Sarge | television and radio

IIt’s a fixture, sarge. Through the London tunnels. Scottish guy on the walkie-talkie. Code words. ETA. Vicki McClure. You know where you are with Vicky McClure. Short back and sides, no messing around. Classic haircut for a reason. Yes, she will have a bow with it, why not? Do you want to say something? Neither I nor all the boys can hear you. Do you want to say something? About Vicky McClure’s bun? I thought not.

Council block, sergeant. roadblock I’ll give you a rundown of Trigger Point (as of Sunday): ITV has overspent to include the two lead actors, so everyone around them isn’t that great. Adrian Lester is here, look. Nice guy. Kind of family. Complicated handshake. Okay, enough nonsense, okay? Put on your clothes. We have a bomb to dispose of.

The thing about Line of Duty is that it’s Line of Duty, and we’re not here to make Line of Duty. But the guys here like gritty police procedurals with a little Enigma machine style code breaking, don’t they? They have a taste for it, and Jed Mercurio has the secret sauce. All right, okay, he didn’t write this one. Someone else did it, trot. But it’s his production company, so he’s the one who will go on Twitter if you don’t like it. Point that out.

Top, third from the left, copy. We’re on the cusp of a new era here, sarge. You know what I mean when I say “Scandinavian drama”: a police officer in a smart coat is going to drive past some fjords and say no. And you know what I mean when murder is a “legacy drama” set in “U.S. grumpy dad. In the past, British detective shows were small towns or that wizard guy. Not anymore, okay? We’re the best in the world driving a 4×4 to an abandoned factory and telling everyone to GET OUT! THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING! I’M A POLICE OFFICER AND I’M GETTING FIRED!

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turns? Yes, we have twists, sarge. And we have shifts. We also have some nice pieces of bananas. The entire first episode takes place in the same block of flats, as Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester alternate between disarming bombs and joking around. Is it your turn to buy chips or not? Private joke. You would not understand. But we got it. This job means everything to us. It’s not a race, okay? is a call You have my back and I have yours. Now relax and take five, I have to open a car door with a lot of tension.

Some kind of program that teaches you the jargon, boss. FDI. Hard cover. Forty-five minutes of this and you’ll be pretty sure you can take apart a nail bomb with a steady hand and a few snips. Sorry, slipped into force chat – the civs call them “wire cutters” I think. I wouldn’t know. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything civil. I don’t have lunch, for example; I just had a large energy drink while leaning against the back of my car. I use lockers as a storage device more than any other adult alive. And don’t even ask me about the sand. I can’t move through sand. They have Kevin Eldon doing a northern accent, that’s how brave he is.

I’ve got to go boss – I’ve accidentally knocked over the series of dominoes that will point to a right-wing pro-England political party against the real and terrible threat of Isis, and by setting up an ITV show in the middle of that geopolitical spiel I started . of a whole big round of blogs. One last thing before I go: These wobbly cop dramas can lean a bit too heavily on cliffhangers, yes, but they make you sit up and gasp. Nothing wrong with that.

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And here’s the thing, right: You can’t gasp at drama if you don’t believe the stakes are real. Vicky McClure is sweating her bun out here in front of a plugged-in boiler and because of the density of the world around her, you feel the harsh lessons these people have been through; you feel the roughness of certain work relationships and the softness of others; there’s cunning, and a certain British grime, and it all thickens like a fog, and if all that wasn’t there, I wouldn’t give a shit if she blew up or not, sarge. But it is, so I’m spellbound, and I’m taking notes, and I’m pretty sure if you flip one of these codes, it all comes out. Keep it under your hat, yeah See you, sergeant. I’m going to disarm a vest bomb with maverick enthusiasm.

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