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Truckers from Extremadura will receive five million euros in direct aid


The delegate Yolanda García Seco has pointed out that “the measures of the Government are the guarantee that we are going to get out of this new crisis caused by the war”

The delegate of the Government in Extremadura, Yolanda García Seco, estimated this Thursday at a figure close to 5 million euros the direct aid from which Extremadura carriers will benefit, within the framework of the shock plan of the Government of Spain.

In addition to the bonus of 20 cents per liter of fuel, the delegate specified that there will be direct aid to carriers worth 1,200 euros for each truck, 900 euros for each bus, 500 euros for each van, and 300 euros for each taxi, VTC and ambulance; along with the fact that in Extremadura there are 3,535 transport companies including the self-employed, 1,408 buses and 81 taxi companies that have 120 workers, as well as 804 self-employed taxi drivers. All of them will benefit from direct aid that can reach 5 million euros.

Minimum vital income

As for the 15% increase in the Minimum Vital Income, the delegate pointed out that there are already 13,702 households in Extremadura receiving this aid; 33,498 citizens reside in these households, of whom 19,070 are adults and 14,428 are minors. All these people from Extremadura are going to see their aid increased by 15%; which is going to mean that the increase approved by the Government is going to mean nearly one million euros more per month; for what they would be in the next three months around 3 million euros more for the most vulnerable citizens of Extremadura.

rental contracts

Another of the measures approved by this Government and that has been highlighted by the delegate has been the limitation to two percent of the applicable increase in those rental contracts of large owners that have to be renewed in the next three months.

Among the measures approved, García Seco has also highlighted the extension of the thermal social bonus to more families, a measure that in Extremadura is going to affect more than 20,000 families who are going to be able to take advantage of this aid from the State and that is going to allow them to access better energy conditions. There are currently 62,753 households benefiting from this measure and the aim is to reach a figure close to 90,000 households, one in five households in Extremadura. The Government’s contribution in this area is around 200,000 euros.

Companies and workers

The delegate has placed special emphasis on the measures approved by the Government that affect companies and workers; such as the extension of the ICO lines of credit, the maturity period of the guaranteed loans and the grace period for the most affected sectors. García Seco has highlighted that during the pandemic these help lines have been essential for companies in Extremadura; Thus, she highlighted that «16,933 companies from Extremadura have been able to carry out more than 30,000 credit operations, which has provided them with 2,403 million euros in financing, of which 1,876 are guaranteed by the State. This really is to protect the productive fabric of Extremadura ».

Similarly, the delegate has referred to the importance of maintaining the figure of the ERTE. «During the entire pandemic, -. the delegate has pointed out- 52,333 workers from Extremadura have been protected by the figure of the ERTE; with a State contribution of more than 169 million euros. That is, 169 million euros that companies in a difficult situation have not had to pay and that have been received by workers who, at the same time, have kept their jobs.

Primary sector

The delegate has also referred to the measures that affect the primary sector in Extremadura, recalling the recently approved Food Chain Law, which prevents both farmers and ranchers from selling at a loss. “In addition to this very important law for farmers and ranchers in Extremadura, and the reduction in fuel prices, who will also benefit from this measure,” García Seco pointed out, “the Government has approved a very important item of aid direct aid worth 362 million euros, of which 169 million will go in direct aid to milk producers. In the specific case of Extremadura, and at the expense of specifying the aid by sectors that is being negotiated with the agricultural organisations, it is very important to exempt farmers from the obligation to leave 5% of their cultivated areas fallow and to make the diversification requirement. This claim came precisely from Extremadura and has been approved by the Government, so without a doubt, our farmers will be able to face this situation in better conditions.

energy price

Another measure highlighted by the delegate is the extension, until June 30, of the tax reduction on the electricity bill of the VAT rate at 10% for small consumers, the special tax on Electricity at 0.5%, as well as the generation of the tax on Electricity Generation

The delegate also recalled that Spain and Portugal will present an exceptional and temporary measure to the European Commission this week, setting a reference price for gas used for electricity production. The update of the specific remuneration regime for the production of electrical energy from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste will be established, which entails a reduction in 2022 of charges for the electrical system up to 55%. In the same way, the mechanism to reduce excess profits in the electricity market caused by the high price of natural gas in international markets is extended until June 30, with certain modifications to reinforce its effectiveness and adapt it to European guidelines. . García Seco recalled that other regulatory measures will be approved to promote and accelerate the deployment of renewable energies, energy savings and guarantee energy supply

“These measures -Garcia Seco pointed out- I have no doubt, they will allow us to face the second part of 2022 with more favorable conditions to continue with the economic recovery already started after the health crisis”.

Finally, García Seco referred to the support measures for refugees, highlighting that in Extremadura so far there are 274 Ukrainians who have requested temporary protection, through the Immigration and Border Brigades of the Provincial Headquarters of Caceres and Badajoz

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