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Trujillo’s bullfights will have first-class ranches

Pepe Rojo and Vicente Carretero, in the bullring, with the poster. / JSPs

The organizers hope that the designed poster will attract many fans

One of the proposals that cannot be missed in the patron saint festivities are the bullfights, which return after two years of absence. They are organized again by the Plaza Mayor Carnival Encierros Association. Three of its managers, Pepe Rojo, Vicente Carretero and Juan Luis Salcedo, recognize that, in this edition, they have opted for a poster with great quality. “We have given everything. More than what is going to come, there is not, “they point out.

This bullfighting program will take place from September 4 to 11. It will have “number one” farms at the national level, which will release a total of 61 animals, between the evening and morning capeas. They are the ranches of Hermanos Sánchez León, Emilio Artalejo, Tajo and la Reina, Monteviejo de Victorino Martín and La Solana. In addition, as a novelty, there will be two night capeas, which will be on the first day and on September 9.

Likewise, on the day of Extremadura, in the afternoon, there will be a celebration with four bulls and two steers. In the morning, the disembarkation will take place in the bullring itself so that the public can observe the animals. Another novelty is that there will be a capea de meeks on the last Sunday morning, aimed at children under 15 years of age. In addition, in the afternoon, there will be a farewell capea only with steers.

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Carretero also stresses that capeas in the morning are maintained, directed at 16-year-olds. He clarifies that it costs the same to mount this type of celebrations, than those in the afternoon. For this reason, since the last edition in 2019, an entry price has had to be set so that the numbers can come out. Admission will cost 2 euros. “It’s about taking out, at least, to pay for the cows.” In the afternoon, tickets are 7 euros.

The budget managed by the organizing entity for the capeas of the patron saint festivities is around 100,000 euros. That money must be taken from tickets, raffles, the Christmas lottery, which has already gone on sale, in addition to participation in the Cheese Fair and the Farmer. There is also a subsidy from the City Council destined both for these celebrations and for those of the carnivals. Likewise, it has the support of numerous businessmen in the area, in addition to the help of the Marcos Lozano company.

Those accounts end up adding up, thanks to the fact that “we move a lot.” These officials recall that, once the carnivals were over, they began to see cattle for the capeas in September, since it is becoming more difficult, “because there are fewer animals and the ones that exist are more expensive.”

Those responsible are confident that the poster will attract fans. They not only expect neighbors, but also numerous people from outside. In fact, remember that, in this world of capeas, “they want this type of celebration.” This has been verified in other locations with smaller cartels than Trujillo. For this reason, with the designed programming, they trust that the fans will respond.

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According to Carretero, the idea is that between an average of 2,000 people every day. Rojo acknowledges that, since the last one organized by a businessman, “they are improving little by little.” Therefore, he trusts that the public responds.

By betting on more quality and animals with strength, there may be more danger. However, remember that no one is forced to enter the albero to give passes to the bulls or cows. Likewise, they consider that horned animals that seem weaker tend to be more dangerous. What they are clear about is that they do not skimp on safety and health issues. Proof of this is that there will be an operating room and two mobile ICUs, in addition to a health team, with a surgeon specialized in bullfighting. “Everything becomes more expensive, but we are also improving in this aspect,” Salcedo highlights.

Likewise, both the organizers and their twelve collaborators will be watching so that there are no minors in the evening capeas and that drunk people do not participate.


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