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Trump accuses Chavismo of having stolen the elections

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The lawyers of the president of the United States alleged this Thursday in a bizarre press conference at the headquarters of the Republican Party here in Washington that the computer programs that were used for the alleged fraud of the presidential elections They were developed and implemented by Hugo Chávez before his death, and are now used by Nicolás Maduro in an international campaign of interference.

«The Dominion voting system, the Smartmatic software and another that is also included in other electronic voting systems, were all created in Venezuela under the direction of Hugo Chávez, that he wanted to make sure that he would never lose an election, after he did not do well in a constitutional referendum, “said Sidney Powell, one of the lawyers.

Dominion’s program has been used in 24 states, including several that Trump won in 2016 and that Biden took this year: Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. It has also been used in states that have opted for the Republican, such as Louisiana, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio.

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s main lawyer and former New York mayor, already tried to link that system, which is Canadian, with the Spanish company Indra last week. “Maybe the stolen votes are in Barcelona”said the lawyer, accusing Indra without evidence of being part of a large electoral fraud. The Spanish company denied being the parent of Smartmatic or having any role in the last US presidential elections.

As attorney Powell said at that press conference:

“We have a very powerful witness who has explained how everything works … It is an impressive and detailed affidavit because he was with Hugo Chávez while they informed him about how this system worked. He was with Hugo Chávez and saw him operate, to make sure the election went well. ‘

Trump’s lawyers maintain that this alleged witness saw that computer program operate in Venezuela and believes that it has operated the same in the US “As soon as [el testigo] he saw that several states closed the vote on election night, he knew that the same thing was happening here, “said attorney Powell, who has already defended Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, implicated in the Russian plot.

Trump’s lawyers, led by Giuliani, defended a complex theory about how Joe Biden stole the election with help from the Clinton Foundation, the millionaire George Soros, a radical left anti-fascist movement and Chavismo. “I hope they’ll let us explain it in court,” Giuliani said, in a hectic and heated speech, as black drips, sweat mixed with what looked like hair dye, streaked his cheeks.

After the press conference, which provoked hilarity from the Democrats, the head of cybersecurity that Trump just fired for defending that the vote was safe, Christopher Krebs, said on Twitter: “That press conference was the most dangerous hour and 45 minutes of television in US history and possibly the craziest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re in luck. ‘

More than two weeks after the elections, Trump has yet to acknowledge his defeat, and has forced multiple counts. The vast majority of lawsuits filed by their lawyers have already been dismissed. On December 14, the electoral college delegates must certify the results of the elections.

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