Saturday, October 16

Trump and Biden squeeze the last 72 hours of electoral vertigo in the US

The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and the former US President Barack Obama.

The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and the former US President Barack Obama.

Speeches in four cities in one day, polls rain, planes without rest, US enters its last 72 hours facing the most important elections “in history”, one of the few points on which the current president, the Republican Donald Trump, and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Barely three days away, the candidates focus on the key states, which will determine the outcome of the race next Tuesday.

Trump plans to host four rallies in Pennsylvania, while Biden will focus on Michigan.

Trump, sobrio

“Our future is at stake (…) If Biden wins, he’s going to destroy our country. “said the president in the first of the events of the day in Newtown.

“Pennsylvania is the state that is going to save the American dream,” he added in a speech with a more serious tone than usual.

Trump, 74, drew a bleak outlook with Biden in the White House, stressing that he will seek to impose a national confinement and make Americans “prisoners in their own home.”

The campaign is marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which has already left almost 230,000 dead and nine million infected in the country, with a marked contrast between the two applicants.

While the country holds its breath before the electoral call on Tuesday, infections continued to show a worrying rebound with 94,125 on Friday, which means breaking the record of cases for the second day in a row, and 919 new deaths.

Biden jaded

From Flint in Michigan Biden, 77, called Trump’s management a “disaster” with the coronavirus.

“We have three days to end the presidency of a man who has been unable to protect his people. We are tired of chaos, tweets, anger, hatred, failure and refusing to take responsibility,” said the former vice president.

Next to him, the former president appeared Barack Obama (2009-2017), who has thrown himself fully into Biden’s campaign by highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

“Trump cares about feeding his ego. Joe cares about keeping us and our families safe,” Obama said.

Polls give Biden a slight edge over Trump, but in several of the key states it is within the margin of error, hence the candidates have embarked on strenuous days aware of the importance of each vote.

On average RealClearPolitics polls, Biden leads Trump in Pennsylvania by 3.7 points; in Florida by 1.2 points; in Georgia by 0.8 points, and in North Carolina by 1.2 points, while in Ohio they are virtually tied.

Participation skyrockets

More of 90 million Americans have already cast their vote early, a figure that represents more than 65% of those who went to the polls in 2016, according to state data compiled by the US Elections Project of the University of Florida.

Current data points to a significant increase in turnout, with only 47.2 million Americans voting early four years ago.

Both the pandemic and the passions that the 2020 election between Trump and Biden arouses are pointed out as reasons for this increase in early voting.

Turnout in US elections is traditionally low, not exceeding 60% since Republican Richard Nixon first took over the White House in 1968.

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