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Trump and the burning forest


Since Trump came to the White House, he has tried to shape the institutions on which democracy in the United States has been based until now.

  • USA The US Government accepts Trump’s order and asks the Justice to publish the Mar-a-Lago search warrant

donald trump he is used to his environment blindly obeying him and his wishes being fulfilled against all odds. It was many years conducting his business his way and yelling “You’re fired” at The Apprenticethe reality show that gave him the media fame that fueled his political ambitions.

Since Trump got to the White House He has tried to shape the institutions on which democracy has been based in the United States until now, but that bone is harder to crack than the ins and outs of his business dealings. Actually, his intention to blow up the establishment political was evident the moment he kicked off his presidential bid, smearing both his Republican opponents and his Democratic opponent. Hillary Clinton.

With fierce enthusiasm, back then he endorsed the research that the FBI began a few days before the presidential elections on the emails sent from the server of his adversary. It is already known that no evidence of criminality was found, but James Comeywho was in charge of the agency, considered relevant an investigation that greatly influenced Clinton’s defeat in 2016.

Well, today the former president repudiates that measure that he applauded so much and saw as necessary for the good of all. After losing at the polls against Joe BidenTrump took from the White House a good number of boxes that presumably ended up in some cellar of Sea-to-Lake, his mansion in Florida. With his proverbial disdain for the traditions, protocols and rules of government, he apparently believed he had the right to keep the documents that every former president has to hand over to the National Archives because of their historical value and because they are classified and highly sensitive material.

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Logically, for months the federal authorities have been trying to get Trump to return what is not his. Given that he has ignored court summonses and that he may have concealed more boxes of classified documents than were known, the Attorney General Merrick Garland gave the go-ahead to ask a Florida judge for permission for a search warrant to be granted on probable cause of a crime.

Since the operation of the FBI the former president and his entourage have told their version of events. As expected, they have wasted no time disseminating that the FBI I would have “planted” evidence. The springs of the extremists who tried to carry out a coup on January 6, 2021 in the Capitol were revived again. The radical wing of the Republican party is already talking about the fact that we are headed for a “civil war.”

In the political realm Trump he has a clear vocation as a pyromaniac. The legacy of his four-year presidency has been that of a poorly contained fire to destroy the democratic process by repeating the lie that there was “electoral fraud.” And in his role as a false victim, he slammed the door, taking documents with intentions that invite sleeplessness. For now, the Washington Post It has just been published that, according to sources close to the investigation, papers related to nuclear weapons were being sought.

A donald trump he likes to play with fire, especially if others are burned at the stake for him. Many of the coup plotters of January 6 are serving sentences. Without going any further, while the Attorney General explained to the nation that he has no qualms about making the search warrant known, a follower of the former president who marched to the Capitol on January 6 died in Cincinnati after trying to attack with an assault rifle an FBI office. This is how the arsonists maneuver as long as the trees do not let us see the burning forest.

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