Saturday, January 16

Trump asks Pence on Twitter to stop certification of Biden’s win

Donald Trump, dura.e UN mi tin

Donald Trump, dura.e UN mi tin

US Preside. Donald Trump tried to convince this Wednesday on Twitter to his vice preside., Mike Pence, that he rejects the confirmation of the electoral victory of Joe Biden in the certification session this Wednesday in Congress, something that is UNprecede.ed and that it would have no legal value.

Under the laws governing the U.S. electoral process, both houses of Congress must meet this day in a joi. session to open and coUNt electoral vote certificates corresponding to each state of the coUNtry.

The session, which should be chaired by the US Vice Preside. – in this case, Republican Mike Pence – is normally a mere formality to validate some results that were corroborated by the Electoral College, which met on December 14 in each state and ratified Biden’s victory in the November preside.ial elections.

“The states wa. the votes corrected, which they know are based on irregularities and fraud, as well as a corrupt process that did not receive legislative support. All Mike Pence has to do is send (the Electoral College votes) back to the states, and we WILL WIN. Go for it, Mike. It’s time for extreme bravery! “Trump encouraged in a tweet.

According to the preside., who lost the November elections to Democrat Joe Biden, but does not wa. to admit defeat, “the states wa. the voting to be redone. They have foUNd that it was voted in FRAUD. The (state) legislatures never passed them. Let them do it. BE STRONG! ”

All states, including those dominated by Republicans, have denied the presence of fraud Mass electoral campaign and their governme.s have confirmed the scrutiny, so it is not necessary for state legislatures to speak, as Trump argues.

Thmandatoryry has resisted Biden’s victory in elections since it became clear in November that he had obtained more votes than the preside. in key states to confirm the majority of the 538 electoral votes allocated to the 50 states of the Union.

Since then, the preside. and a dwindling legal team has lost all legal actions to challenge the electoral result in the most importa. states, such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, UNtil on December 14 all the states of the coUNtry certified to which candidate they assigned their Electoral College delegates based on the vote coUNt . That day it became clear that Biden obtained 306 of the 270 delegates needed to be the next preside. of the United States as of January 20.

Normally, the ceremony that takes place this Wednesday and presided over by the vice preside. in Congress has been nothing more than a procedure in which the decision of the Electoral College in each state is signed, thus certifying the victory of the winner of the preside.ial election.

The vice preside. acts as a mere master of ceremonies and only congressmen or senators can raise doubts about the coUNt in certain states, something that several legislators have already annoUNced that they will do today, but that will not prosper since a simple majority is guara.eed to resolve those doubts from Trump’s most loyal allies in the Legislative.

Never before in the history of the coUNtry has a vice preside. refused to sign the Electoral College decision, something that does happen would put the coUNtry in UNcharted territory by challenging the twelfth amendme. of the Constitution and would surely UNleash a legal battle that would reach the Supreme Court. According to The New York Times, Pence has commUNicated to Trump that he does not have the power to block the certification of Biden’s electoral victory and that he has no i.e.ion of opposing it at today’s ceremony.

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