Saturday, January 22

Trump Asks Republicans Not To Play “Game” of Democrats on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Former US President Donald Trump.

Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump thundered at Republican lawmakers in name only (RINO Republicans) holding talks with the Biden Administration to uphold the bipartisan deal leading to the approval of the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure plan.

In remarks on Friday, Trump indicated that Republicans negotiating a potential deal are only playing the game of radical left-wing Democrats.

“They are not going to give him anything,” said the magnate.

Trump asks not to raise taxes

Trump also insisted that the proposal should not be approved with provisions that would nullify the tax cuts that his Administration gave way in 2017.

“It is very important that Republican senators do not allow our hard-earned tax cuts to be finalized or amended on an upward trajectory in any way or form,” the Republican said.

“They should not be making deals to raise taxes for bogus infrastructure proposals pushed by Democrats, most of which are aimed at the ridiculous Marxist ‘Green New Deal’ agenda,” he added.

“Keep the Trump Administration’s tax cuts where they are, ”he demanded. “Do not allow the increase in taxes. Thinking about that, I have never seen something so easy to win politically speaking, “he said.

Republicans and Democrats in the Senate reached preliminary agreement for legislation

Last month, President Joe Biden announced an agreement by a minimal group of Democratic and Republican senators.

“We have reached an agreement,” the official announced on Twitter. “A group of senators, five Democrats and five Republicans, have come together and forged an infrastructure agreement that will create millions of jobs in the United States,” he added.

The package, which is still in the process of being converted into legislation, includes $ 579 million for new expenses, divided for transportation ($ 300 billion) and another $ 250 billion for broadband, energy systems and aquatic infrastructure.

Although the legislation could go down to the full Senate as soon as July 19, House Democratic Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will not consider the piece of legislation in the body she leads until the Senate passes a bill. largest measure or valued at $ 6 trillion through the budgeting mechanism known as reconciliation which allows Democrats, in this case, to pass measures without Republican votes.

Trump’s comments came just after the leader of the Senate Democrats, Charles Schumer, who after the two-week recess for July 4, would seek to bring two infrastructure legislation to the vote, the bipartisan one with an investment of $ 1.2 trillion dollars in a period of eight years and the largest through the reconciliation mechanism.

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