Tuesday, November 24

Trump blocks messages from leaders to Biden

Trump is reluctant to accept his defeat.

Trump is reluctant to accept his defeat.

The government of Donald Trump is blocking the messages that world leaders are sending to the president-elect from the United States, Joe Biden.

The CNN television network reported on Wednesday that the State Department refuses to deliver dozens of messages to Biden and his transition team sent by foreign leaders for him.

Trump refuses to acknowledge his electoral defeat and has filed a series of lawsuits to reverse the election results, which have projected Biden as the winner.

State Department officials familiar with the situation told CNN that messages for Biden began arriving last weekend, when his victory was confirmed.

Communications with presidents-elect are usually arranged by the State Department, but the Trump administration has denied its transition team access to funds, information and contacts necessary to begin that task.

Biden, however, has held talks with world leaders like the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel; the French President, Emmanuel Macron; the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, or his Irish counterpart, Micheál Martin.

The first foreign leader to speak with Biden to congratulate him on his victory, last Monday, was the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, while this Wednesday he spoke with the Prime Ministers of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, of Australia, Scott Morrison, and with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, his team reported.

The number of countries that have not yet recognized Biden has been decreasingBut it includes the two main powers of Latin America – Mexico and Brazil – as well as Russia and China.

Biden has made all these calls without the help of the State Department, as is often the case with other government transitions in the US.

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, surprised on Tuesday when he assured in a press conference, asked about the lack of collaboration with Biden’s team, that en America there will be “a smooth transition” to a second term under Donald Trump. Pompeo remarked that they continue to “count the votes” and the process is expected to be completed.

The Trump’s campaign has filed several lawsuits in disputed states over the count of votes alleging an alleged widespread electoral fraud, without any supporting evidence.

To win the elections in the courts, Trump should flip the scrutiny in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada or Arizona, all of them states in which Biden has already been declared the winner or clearly leads the scrutiny.

Based on the latest counts, Biden has 290 delegates in the electoral college, above the magic figure of 270 that gives the victory, while Trump has 217 and there are 42 to be decided.

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