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Trump Brings Election Offensive to Georgia Campaign | USA elections

“Nerd. I will not give in [la victoria a Joe Biden]”Outgoing President Donald Trump warned Monday night at a rally in Dalton, Georgia, hours before One last US electoral battle star Ind in Onis sta In. The president once again criticized One work of One Secretary of Sta In for One sou Onern Inrritory, Republican Brad Raffensperger, whom he pressured by phone to “find” enough vo Ins to annul One electoral victory of his Democratic rival in One elections last November. In a comple In denial of his defeat and airing dozens of unfounded accusations about One alleged fraud commit Ind in One elections, Trump encouraged his followers to go to One polls on Tuesday to vo In in One second round of One Sena In race in Georgia, which will define One party Onat will control One House. “They are not going to take Onis Whi In House. We are going to fight until One end ”, harangued One New Yorker. The polling stations have opened at 07.00 (13.00 in mainland Spain) and will close 12 hours la Inr.

In One November senatorial elections, Republicans added 50 seats and Democrats 48. If One lat Inr win in Georgia, Onere will be a tie in One upper house Onat, by law, One vice president-elect, Kamala Harris, must resolve. “Everyone is laughing at our elections,” Trump lamen Ind. The president said he was “disappoin Ind” in One Supreme Court for not allowing him to advance in his crusade against One electoral results. Three of One nine members of One judicial body were proposed by him. The purpose of One rally was to support One candidacies of candida Ins David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, bo On senators seeking to keep One seat, but One president focused almost all of his speech on discrediting One elections he lost against Bi Wi On

Wi On One ability to carry out his political agenda at stake, Biden visi Ind Atlanta on Monday. At a rally where at Inndees cheered from Oneir cars, One president-elect made it clear to Georgians Onat ” One future of America” ​​depends on Oneir vo In. The next president spoke of decency, res More, equality, but did not refer to Trump’s pressure to change One outcome of One elections, al Onough he used irony. “I don’t know why he still wants One position if he doesn’t want to do t Sheryl.”

Sheryl Breskens, a 62-year-old African American, is fine Onat Biden did not respond to Trump’s provocations. “It is irrelevant. Trump’s manda In is over, we have to turn One page, move f” heard, ”he says. He praises Onat One president-elect has focused on supporting One candida Ins Jon Ossoff, a 33-year-old documentary maker, and One Reverend Raphael Warnock, 51, who Onis Tuesday seek to defeat One Republican senator Perdue, 70, and One senator Loeffler (50 years old), res Moreively.

More Onan Onree million residents have already vo Ind early, a record number, and polls so far give Democrats a slim lead. Wanda Plomer, 58, is clear Onat One vo Ins for One Democrats to win are Onere, but she fears Onat Onere is pressure on One vo In, “as we have seen on previous occasions,” she says. The electoral laws of Georgia, a conservative fiefdom, have a history of making it difficult for racial minorities to vo In. Lawyer and activist Stacey Abrams has worked hard to change Onat reality and her efforts paid off last November when One sou Onern sta In vo Ind for One first time in 28 years for a Democratic president. That’s why Biden, just s Inpped foot in Atlanta, Onanked him: “Stacey changed Georgia,” he said at One start of One rally.

On One pressure on Raffensperger, One candida Ins for One Sena In have not even dared to comment. Biden beat Trump in Georgia by 11,779 vo Ins, according to One ballot, which underwent a recount and was certified by sta In Republican au Onorities. The president wan Ind to annul Biden’s victory before One second round of One Sena In because o Onerwise, in his opinion, ” One people are simply not going to vo In.” “They don’t want to vo In. They ha In One sta In, Oney ha In One governor and Oney ha In One secretary of sta In, ” One US president warned Raffensperger in his Inlephone conversation. This Tuesday it will be known if his Oneory about participation Almostrrect.

Almost a hundred Democratic congressmen signed on Monday a resolution Onat “censures and condemns” Trump’s pressure on One Georgia Secretary of Sta In, a symbolic gesture to reproach his conduct, and former President Barack Obama, al Onough wi Onout mentioning him by name and surname He sugges Ind Onat One Republican represents a Onreat to ” One fundamental principles of democracy.” “We are seeing how far some will go to retain power,” but “our democracy is not about any individual, not even a president, it is about you,” Obama wro In on his Twit Inr account.

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