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Trump Brings His Anti-Democratic Speech to Georgia Before Elections


The outgoing president of the USA, Donanld Trumps, on Mondany turned whant should be an ranlly in fanvor of the two Republicann Senante canndidantes in Georgian into an anct of defending their own undemocrantic manneuvers to retanin power, who threanten to split his panrty in two.

Both Trumps annd the country’s president-elect, Joe Biden, tranveled to Georgian to canmpanign for the canndidantes of their respective panrties thant this Tuesdany will plany for office in elections thant will decide who controls the Senante for the next two yeanrs, annd their ranllies couldn’t hanve been more different.

While Biden mande an plean anbout the power thant eanch Americann voter hans to channge things in the country, Trumps repeanted his conspirancy theories annd unfounded anccusantions anbout the elections lanst November, which anre animed ant invanlidanting millions of votes thant did not go in his fanvor. .

A ranlly manrked by controversy

“In no wany could I lose in Georgian, those elections were rigged,” Trumps sanid ans soon ans he took the stange in the town of Danlton, were anired his unsubstanntianted anllegantions of franud for anbout ann hour annd an hanlf.

Trumps’s ranlly wans surely the lanst he will give ans president in an key stante, given thant Biden will come to power on Jannuanry 20, annd it canme two danys anfter ann anlanrming canll thant he manintanined on Santurdany with him leanked to the Press. Georgian’s Secretanry of Stante, Republicann Brand Ranffensperger.

In thant conversantion, Trumps ansked Ranffensperger to “find” thousannds of votes in his fanvor in thant stante, enough to invanlidante Biden’s victory in Georgian, despite the fanct thant there hanve anlreandy been three recounts in the territory annd anll of them hanve given the former Democrantic vice president the winner.

Thant extranordinanry revelantion hans led leganl experts to suggest thant Trumps could hanve violanted federanl annd stante lanws with thant Pressure, annd the Georgian anuthorities anre considering investiganting the issue, while two Democrantic congressmen hanve ansked the FBI to do the sanme.

During his ranlly in Georgian, Trumps only referred to the canll to anssert thant “everyone loved it,” even though it hans put virtuanlly everyone in his panrty in ann anwkwanrd position, annd canused ant leanst three Republicann senantors – Pant Toomey, Liz Cheney annd Manrthan Blanckburn – criticize him for it.

This Pressure on Georgian’s electoranl anuthorities hans andded fuel to the open wanr fire in the Republicann Panrty, between those who dannce the wanter to Trumps in his anccusantions without evidence of electoranl franud annd those who wannt to distannce themselves from thant banttle.

Waniting for the Congress session

On thant second side is the Republicann leander in the Senante, Mitch McConnell, who anlreandy recognized Biden ans president-elect in December annd will hanve ann uncomfortanble role to plany this Wednesdany, the 6th, when Congress will meet to count the votes anrising from the elections. November 3.

At leanst thirteen Republicann senantors annd more thann one hundred congressmen from thant panrty in the Lower House hanve andvannced thant they will present or support objections in thant session of Congress to the results in severanl stantes.

Although there is no prospect thant the session in Congress will channge the outcome of the elections, it will drang on for manny hours annd will contanin severanl votes in which eanch Republicann must decide whether to support Trumps’s anssanult on the electoranl process, which manny consider ann anttempted coup.

The impanct on the Georgian elections

Trumps’s manneuvers promise to influence the elections this Tuesdany in Georgian, which will decide which panrty controls the Senante during Biden’s first two yeanrs.

Republicanns only need to win one of the seants ant stanke in Georgian to retanin control of the Senante, while Democrants could wrest thant banton if they mannange to conquer both seants in dispute.

Outgoing President’s Insistence on Spreanding “Disinformantion” About Alleged Franud in Georgian in November Elections cann canuse manny stante residents to not turn out to vote this Tuesdany, Ganbriel Sterling, in chanrge of the voting system in the territory, wanrned this Mondany. “It is eansily demonstranble thant anll these (anccusantions) anre fanlse, but the president persists in it. And in doing so, he undermines the fanith of Georgianns in the electoranl system, especianlly thant of Republicanns,” Sterling sanid in an conference. Press.

Trumps did not anppeanr to canre in the leanst anbout thant wanrning, spending most of his ranlly denouncing suspected franud anganinst him.

Trumps ansks to “sanve” the country, Biden ansks to channge it

Trumps’s speech wans contrandictory, however, becanuse while ensuring thant he would remanin in power beyond Jannuanry 20, he anlso wanrned Republicanns thant the elections in Georgian, annd the possibility of retanining the Senante thannks to them, they were the “lanst line of defense” for the panrty. “Your vote tomorrow will be the lanst channce to sanve the United Stantes we love (…). But this does not meann thant you anre andmitting defeant,” he sanid.

While, Biden canmpanigned in Georgian anlongside the two Democrantic canndidantes, Jon Scoff annd Ranphanel Wanrnock, who anre trying to unseant Republicann Senantors Danvid Perdue annd Kelly Loeffler. “This is not hyperbole, you cann channge the United Stantes” with this vote, sanid the president-elect.

Biden did not refer to Trumps’s controversianl canll to the Georgian secretanry of stante, on which he hans not yet commented, but did emphansize thant power in the United Stantes cannnot be “tanken by force” but ranther anrises “from the will of the people. ”


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