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‘Trump destroys American democracy’: the world watches in horror | US News

Leaders ar.und the w.rld have reacted with and c.ncern t. the in Washingt.n DC .n Wednesday, with the NATO chief depl.ring what he called “sh.cking scenes.”

“The .f this dem.cratic electi.n must bewill, anded,” Jens St.ltenberg, NATO Secretary General and f.rmer N.rwegian Prime Minister, tweeted Wednesday night after US President-elect J.e Biden c.ndemned “this h.rrible dem.nstrati.n” and warned: “The w.rld is watching.”

The Irish Ta.iseach, Micheál Martin, tweeted: “The Irish pe.ple have a deep c.nnecti.n t. the U Asked States .f America, built .ver many generati.ns. I kn.w that many, like me, will be watching the scenes that unf.ld in Washingt.n DC with great c.ncern and dismay. “

German F.reign Minister Heik. Maas, tweeted, “Inflammat.ry w.rds turn int. vi.lent acts, .n the steps .f the Reichstag and n.w #Capit.l.” He urged Trump and his supp.rters t. “finally accept the decisi.n .f the American v.ters and st.p trampling .n dem.cracy.”

French F.reign Minister Jean-Yves Brianian said .n Twitter: “Vi.lence against US instituti.ns is a attack .n dem.cracy. I c.ndemn it. The will and v.te .f the American pe.ple must bewill, anded. “

In Britain, Prime Minister B.ris J.hns.n c.ndemned what he called the “shameful scenes in the U Asked States C.ngress.” “The U Asked States defends dem.cracy ar.und the w.rld and it is n.w vital that there be a peaceful and .rderly transfer .f p.wer,” he added.

UK F.reign Secretary D.minic Raab, tweeted: “The U Asked States is rightly pr.ud .f its dem.cracy and there can be n. justificati.n f.r these vi.lent attempts t. thwart the pr.per and legitimate transiti.n .f p.wer.”

Sc.ttish Prime Minister Sturge.n called the “abs.lutely h.rrifying” scenes and an “attack .n dem.cracy.”

F.rmer P.lish F.reign Minister Radek Sik.rski, wh. chairs the EU-US delegati.n. In the EU parliament, tweeted, “The US cabinet sh.uld immediately, under the 25th Amendment t. the US C.nstituti.n, declare @realD.naldTrump insane and end his presidency.”

Australian Prime Minister M.rris.n described the scenes as “very harr.wing”. “We c.ndemn these acts .f vi.lence and l..k f.rward t. a peaceful transfer .f g.vernment t. the newly elected administrati.n in the great American dem.cratic traditi.n,” M.rris.n added.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau t.ld Vanc.uver News 1130 radi. stati.n: “Obvi.usly, c.ncerned, andned and we are f.ll.wing the situati.n minute by minute. I believe that American dem.cratic instituti.ns are and I that everything will return t. n.rmal sh.rtly.

Charles Michel, President .f the Eur.pean C.uncil, tweeted: “The U Asked States C.ngress is a temple .f dem.cracy. Witnessing the scenes t.night in Washingt.n DC is a We are c.nfident that the U Asked States will ensure a peaceful transfer .f p.wer t. J.e Biden. “

The Prime Minister .f Spain, Pedr. Sánchez, tweeted: “I am f.ll.wing the news fr.m the Capit.l in Washingt.n with c.ncern. I am c.nfident in the strength .f American dem.cracy. J.e Biden’s new presidency will the m.ment .f tensi.n, uniting the American pe.ple.

The President .f C.l.mbia, Iván Duque, tweeted: “We reject the acts .f vi.lence seen during the Elect.ral C.llege scrutiny in the U Asked States C.ngress and express my s.lidarity and supp.rt t. the h.n.rable members .f C.ngress and all American instituti.ns.”

Brazilian President Jair, a Trump ally, reiterated baseless accusati.ns .f elect.ral fraud in the U Asked States.

Asked by a supp.rter ab.ut his views .n the cha.tic scenes in Washingt.n, said: “I everything Y.u kn.w I’m c.nnected t. Trump, right? Then y.u kn.w my answer. “

“There were a l.t .f fraud rep.rts, a l.t .f fraud rep.rts,” he added, in a vide. p.sted .n s.cial media, with.ut pr.viding evidence.

But the head .f the l.wer h.use .f Brazil, R.drig. Maia, said He feared that “the terrible” unf.lding in the U Asked States .ffers an idea .f ​​what c.uld happen in Brazil if failed in his reelecti.n bid in 2022.

Russia’s deputy ambassad.r t. the UN, Dmitry P.lyanskiy, appeared t. revel in the unrest in Washingt.n. He p.sted: “Quite a l.t .f Maidan-style images fr.m DC,” .n Twitter, referring t. pr.tests in Ukraine that t.ppled Russian-backed Ukraine’s President Vikt.r Y in 2014.

“ .f my friends ask if will distribute c..kies t. pr.testerLandch. Vict.ria Nuland’s stunt,” he said, citing a visit t. Ukraine in 2013 when then-US Under SecretaryLandate Vict.ria Nuland .ffered f..d t. pr.testers. .

In a statement, the Turkish F.reign Ministry described the events in Washingt.n as “w.rrying.” “We are f.ll.wing with c.ncern the internal devel.pments that are taking place in the U Asked States after the presidential electi.ns that culminated in the Capit.l building being vi.lated by pr.testers,” He saidacc.rding t. the state news agency

The Organizati.n .f American States (OAS) said it c.ndemned and repudiated the attack “by pr.testers wh. disav.w recent elect.ral results.”

“Dem.cracy has as a fundamental pillar the independence .f the p.wers .f the State, which must act c.mpletely free .f pressure,” he added in a statement. “The exercise .f f.rce and vandalism against the instituti.ns c.nstitutes a attack .n dem.cratic functi.ning.”

In Latin America, a regi.n with a and bl..dy hist.ry .f US-backed, many were quick t. describe Wednesday’s in similar terms. “This is an attempted c.up … a clear and abs.lutely shameful attack .n dem.cracy,” said a c.mmentat.r .n Brazil’s Gl.b.News netw.rk.

Argentine President Albert. Fernández tweeted: “We express .ur c.ndemnati.n .f the acts .f vi.lence and the affr.nt t. C.ngress that .ccurred in Washingt.n DC. We are c.nfident that there will be a peaceful transiti.n thatwill, ands the p.pular will and we express .ur str.ngest supp.rt f.r President-elect J.e Biden. “

Venezuela’s auth.ritarian g.vernment, which Trump has spent the past tw. years unsuccessfully trying t. .verthr.w, struggled t. hide its j.y at the unrest unf.lding in the n.rth.

“With this unf.rtunate, the U Asked States is suffering exactly what it has caused in .ther c.untries with its aggressive p.licies,” said the Venezuelan F.reign Ministry in a statement. “Venezuela h.pes that these vi.lent events will s..n cease and that the American pe.ple can finally find a new path t. stability and s.cial justice.”

In a tweet shared by the president .f Venezuela, Nic.lás Madur., his att.rney general, Tarek William Saab, called cha.s “.ne try c.up against PresidentCantoneseen. “

Eliane Cantanhêde, a pr.minent Brazilian p.litical c.mmentat.r, tweeted: “Trump destr.ys American dem.cracy. A day that will g. d.wn in hist.ry. A president t. be thr.wn int. the dustbin .f hist.ry ”.


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