Wednesday, December 8

Trump fractures the Republican Party in his deranged forward flight

Trump at the rally last Monday.

Trump at the rally last Monday.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in 2016, Madeleine Albright said “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other “. The phrase could now be extrapolated to the dilemma faced by the leaders of the Republican Party in the face of the loyalty test that their president has raised. In his relentless campaign to reverse his defeat in the November elections, seen by many as a covert coup to illegitimately perpetuate himself in power, Donald Trump has forced his party to choose between his discredited theories of fraud or the preservation of democracy. A dilemma that has fractured the party and opened an incipient civil war in its ranks, called to intensify as soon as Trump disappears from the map.

His first salvos have exploded in Washington and Georgia, where this Tuesday the two-second rounds that will decide control of the Senate and Joe Biden’s margin of maneuver to legislate during his first two-year term are disputed. Shortly before traveling to the state on Monday to campaign for the two Republican senators who are risking re-election, the president again sent a message to the conservative leaders who do not accept the charade of electoral fraud, denied by the courts, those responsible for the contested states and the Trump Administration itself.

The ‘surrender group’ in the ranks of the Republican Party will go down in the history of infamy as weak and incompetent ‘guardians’ of our nation “He wrote on the networks a day after his pressure was leaked on Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find the 11,780 votes he needs to subvert the result there. Pressure more typical of Fredo Corleone in ‘The Godfather’ than of the leader of the most petulant democracy on the planet. During his speech in Georgia, Trump not only repeated the scherzo theory ad nauseam, but he again demanded that his vice president, Mike Pence, refuse to certify Biden’s victory in the joint session of Congress that this Wednesday he will preside to definitively ratify the result of the polls. At least a dozen senators and 140 congressmen from his party have advanced that they will object to the certification of the count.

Pressure on Vice President Pence

The vice president has the power to reject fraudulently elected voters. “Trump insisted on Tuesday, championing an idea rejected by constitutional experts. Since George Washington retired to tend his orchard on the Potomac in 1797 after two terms in power, no president had tried to blow up the most basic of the American system’s commandments, the peaceful transfer of power. But that is what is happening now before the dumbfounded gaze from the minority sector of the Republican Party who have dared to publicly challenge Trump’s narrative and the anger of his millions of followers, convinced at face value of the electoral theft.

“I am concerned about the division in America, it is the most important thing, but it is clear that this is not healthy for the Republican Party,” said Senator Ben Sasse. “This is bad for the country and bad for the party.” Few doubts that leaders like Sasse will pay contempt by having to face well-funded Trump candidates the next time they face reelection. Trump has already said he will campaign against Raffensperger and fellow Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kempt, whom he has been insulting for weeks for refusing to reverse the result. And that they have carried out up to three counts without finding irregularities.

But those same leaders rose again on Monday to repudiate Trump’s lies, that with his attack on the integrity of the electoral process has endangered the control of the Senate for his party, since it is not ruled out that some voters remain at home after having lost confidence in the system. “All of this has been easily shown to be false,” said Gabriel Sterling, the Republican at the helm of the voting system in Georgia, at a news conference with Raffensberger.

The anger of these days anticipates the war that is coming in the party between Trumpet populism and the traditional Republican establishment when Trump leaves the White House, a struggle that will mark the course of the party and the future of the country.

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