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Trump, ‘hunted’ while calling on the state of Georgia to “recalculate” the votes to give him victory in the elections


Donald  Trump, in a recent image.
Donald Trump, in a recent image.

” All I want is to find 11,870 votes, which is one of those we have, because we won in The state. ” The phrase, verbatim, was said by US President Donald Trump to Brad Raffespenger, The Secretary of State of Georgia and The head of The organization of The elections in that territory, who won The Democrat Joe Biden.

Those words are part of a conversation between Trump, Raffespenger, and The head of legal affairs of his department, Ryan Germany, held this Sunday and filtered almost immediately to The newspaper ‘ The Washington Post’. It is a literal historical dialogue, because in it The president calls on those responsible for The elections in Georgia to falsify The results in that state by 11,869 votes. ” There is nothing wrong with saying that you have recalculated,” says The president.

By asking “recalculate” The count and make it reach 11,870, The Head of State and Government is demanding Give him The necessary votes plus one to win. The measure will not only be illegal. Also, irrelevant. Even if Trump wins in Georgia, Biden will still be The winner of The election. The call comes just as 12 Republican senators have announced that They will reject The official ratification of Joe Biden’s victory on Wednesday until an official investigation into The elections is opened.

 Brad Raffensperger (L), Secretary of State of Georgia and Donald  Trump (R).
Brad Raffensperger (L), Secretary of State of Georgia and Donald Trump (R).ERIK S LESSER / JIM LO SCALZOEFE

But, beyond The immediate impact on The electoral process, The conference call has a huge political weight. In fact, it could form The basis for a second ‘impeachment’ – The process that begins with a political disapproval and potentially ends with The removal of The president – of Donald Trump.

The first took place a year ago, and also by a phone call. On that occasion, between Trump and The president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenski, on July 25, 2019, which he asked to open an investigation against Joe Biden’s son in exchange for The delivery of military equipment. The impeachment against Trump prospered, but The dismissal, as expected, did not go ahead.

On this occasion, excerpts from The talk between Trump, Raffspenger and Germany show The President of The United States using language that seems to fit more closely with The screenplay of a Martin Scorsese film in The style of ‘ One of Us’ or ‘ The Irishman’ raTher than what is supposed to be a statesman.

Trump indirectly and vaguely threatens Raffspenger and Germany when They refuse to accept his accusations of fraud in Georgia. “Tell me, Brad, what are you going to do?” The president asks The secretary of state. Faced with Raffspenger’s refusal to take any illegal decision, The president insists that There has been fraud, and ends by stating that “I am notifying you that you have let it happen.” Then Trump lashes out at The secretary of state who is from his same party, The Republican: “You know what They did, and you are not reporting about it. That is a criminal offense. You cannot allow it. It is a very big risk for you and Ryan [Germany]. You are lawyers, it is a very big risk. “

They are The same kinds of veiled threats and unfinished phrases that The president used with his Ukrainian counterpart when he began to talk about “we have a problem” regarding Hunter Biden, The son of The Then former vice president and Democratic candidate and now president-elect. The difference is that Raffspenger and Germany have been much more direct than Kerensky in refusing to give in to Trump. Thus, The secretary of state responds to Trump: “President, you have people who provide information, and we have people who provide information, and that information has been presented before The courts, and The courts have made a decision “, in reference to The close to one hundred lawsuits that The Trump campaign has presented – and lost – in all US judicial instances questioning The outcome of The elections.

The secretary of state also tells Trump that “his problem is that his data is wrong,” and when The president claims that The electoral software company Dominion has destroyed evidence of The unproven fraud, Germany replies with a terse “no.” “Tests secure, Ryan?”, Trump insists. The answer, once again, is unmistakable: “I am.”

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