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“Trump is not guilty of everything”




The Bolivarian leader, Nicolás Maduro, has asked the Chavista deputies to debate as of next January 5 “the deep rectification of the revolution” to combat corruption, bureaucracy and mistakes that have been committed within the political model. With this, Maduro intends for “a great process of re-politicization, (…) of in-depth rectification of the Bolivarian revolution,” the president stressed.

Maduro assured this Thursday that a “floodgate for a great dialogue” will open in his country, which is “the largest” since the arrival of the Bolivarian revolution to power, and insisted that when the new Parliament is installed next month, the Courts will have «capacity and power to represent Venezuela in a great international dialogue and seek respect “for the institutions, as well as for the” reconstruction of international relations in the world. ” He also said that this new mission will be called “plan 200” and acknowledged that it will be a great task.

In his request, Maduro has also asked his deputies to “initiate reconstruction work of the very bases of the national Parliament“, Considering that the National Assembly was” destroyed, failed, disjointed, discredited “after being controlled by the opposition.

“Trump is not guilty of everything”

In a meeting with the elected deputies last Sunday, in irregular elections, Maduro assured that life is giving them “a golden opportunity” to “put problems on the table, to alleviate the big problem that the town has in its family economy“, But emphasized that the situation is not easy due to the” cruel and criminal “international sanctions imposed in the last five years. “For this reason, I ask you (deputies) for maximum loyalty for the battles that come in these five years,” he added.

On the sanctions that the United States has been imposing, Maduro assured that the Donald Trump Administration “He is not guilty of everything”Therefore, he asked his new representatives of the National Assembly, who will now be in the majority, to stop “holding him accountable” and invited them to recognize their own responsibilities.

However, Maduro has not stopped pointing out in his speech to the Venezuelan opposition that interim president Juan Guaidó now leads “for all the damage” he did to the National Assembly since 2015, when they were elected to control the Legislative Palace. «With the election of the new NA, the a new cycle of recovery. It will not be easy to recover the damage that these people (from the opposition) did in five years, “he stressed.

For Chavismo, the opposition only used the institution to bridge with governments that support Guaidó and request sanctions against the Nicolás Maduro regime. In the elections of December 6, the opposition did not participate for considering them fraudulent, and in return began a campaign to call the Venezuelan people to a popular consultation that began on December 7 and will end tomorrow. The objective will be to measure the rejection of the Chavista votes, demand free, democratic and transparent presidential elections, and ask the international community for more collaboration to address the humanitarian crisis.

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