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Trump launches a social network and prepares an entire media conglomerate

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Expelled from social media for inciting the looting of the Capitol, Donald Trump has decided to create his own platform, as announced Wednesday. It will be a social network with the noun “truth” in English: Truth Social. His goal, Trump said, is to give everyone a voice. those that have been canceled in traditional networks, like him, and “face the technological giants” who decide who to expel and who not.

The great dissatisfaction of Trump’s environment and many of his voters with the decisions of Facebook, Twitter and Google (owner of YouTube) is no secret. Many of them report that these platforms they maintain the profiles of Xi Jinping; the Venezuelan Nicolás Maduro; Russian Vladimir Putin, or the Iranian Ali Khamenei. All of them have been accused of serious human rights abuses. The US government itself has accused Xi of genocide.

That is what Trump himself referred to when announcing the new social network. “We live in a world where the Taliban have a large presence on Twitter, but your favorite American president has been silenced. This is unacceptable. I am very happy to submit my first truth on Truth Social very soon, ”he said. “I’m excited to start sharing my thoughts on Truth Social and fighting the tech giants soon. Everyone asks me why no one takes on the big platforms. Well, we’ll do it soon!

“I’m excited to start sharing my thoughts on Truth Social and fighting the tech giants soon,” said Trump.

A new subsidiary of the former president’s conglomerate, Trump Media & Technology Group, merges with the company Digital World Acquisition Corp. to create this initiative focused on social networks with an estimated value after public acquisition offer of 1.7 billion dollars (1.4 billion euros). It is true that Trump has always been given to exaggerating the real and estimated values ​​of his properties and interests.

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Until today there have been many initiatives to attract Trump and his loyal followers to new social networks. One of those that has attracted the most attention among American populism is Gettr, which launched an advisor to former president Jason Miller in July. Then there’s Gad, also popular with Trump supporters and other populists in America.

Ruling on Twitter

Trump was a phenomenon on Twitter. He amassed nearly 90 million followers, and ruled by tweet. He used his messages to threaten other leaders, fire ministers and advisers, and make big announcements that often came to nothing. One of his favorite phrases was “we’ll see what happens.” In his long career in that social network, the former president published 57,000 messages. The suspension of his account caused Twitter shares to plummet 6%, losing $ 2.5 billion in market value.

The new social network will be launched in tests, which is called beta, in November, and will begin its full operation in the first quarter of 2022. Afterwards, Trump Media plans to launch its own digital platform, which also It will include informative, news and podcasts. It’s the answer to another of Trump’s grievances: Fox News.

The former president does not forgive the conservative chain, owned by the magnate Rupert Murdoch, who on election night a year ago proclaimed Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona before the others. According to several recent books on Trump, he promised to destroy Fox News for that betrayal. (Although Biden did eventually win in Arizona.)

For a time, Trump promoted two channels quite to the right of Fox News: Newsmax and Oann. The two amplified their falsehoods about the alleged electoral fraud in the presidential elections. Even so, the audience of these does not compete anywhere near that of the great stars of Fox News, such as Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson. Fox continues to rank first on informational cable TV, ahead of MSNBC and CNN.

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Aware that those bets of his went nowhere, Trump has decided, as he always does, tox exploit your surname and create your own digital radio and television, though the release details have yet to be revealed. He has already been very given in the past to give his name to everything: restaurants, ties, sails, yachts, airplanes and even skating rinks.

But there are even more ambitious plans. In a brochure posted on its website, Trump Media says it anticipates cSkip even with cloud hosting services from Amazon and Google. In other words, the former president dreams of a whole digital empire. Now the users need to follow him.

For now Trump is reluctant to announce that he is running for the 2024 elections, although he continues to comment on all possible matters through the emails that his team sends daily. Most are written as short Twitter messages.

In the majority, he continues to defend the falsehood, dismissed even by the Supreme Court, that he won the elections by fraud on a massive scale.

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