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Trump prepares his return, harassed by the commission of the looting of the Capitol

Impassive to the serious negligence claims and even incitement by the legislative commission investigating the looting of the Capitol, donald trump continues to tour throughout the United States, threatening to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential primaries imminently. This same Tuesday he visited Washington, 552 days after his departure from the White House, in one of the most problematic and tense in the history of this nation.

Things have changed for Trump in these past few months. True, his popularity remains very high among Republicans, who continue to prefer him in the polls as a candidate for the presidency. But there are growing cracks in that support.

Last week a congress of young conservatives in Florida took a test vote and Trump beat them all potential competitors by high margins. He received 78 percent of the vote, compared to 19 percent for his closest competitor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

On the same Sunday, Trump addressed that congress, and said clearly, between chants of “another four years!”: “If I renounce my beliefs, if I agree to remain silent, if I stay locked up, if I announce that I am not leaving to present to the elections, the persecution of Donald Trump would cease immediately… But that’s what they want me to do, and you know what? There is no chance of it.”

Biden leads him in polls

Other polls show some damage to Trump within the Republican base, especially after the commission’s heated oral hearings on the looting of the Capitol. And those polls that include the general voting intention are more onerous: the average RealClearPolitics does reflects that have increased voters who see Trump negatively are almost 11%, than those who see him favorably. That difference was just 3.5% in April. Clearly, and despite the weakness of Joe Biden, the bulk of the polls show that the current president would beat Trump again, and not a few Republicans have taken note.

After the last oral hearing of the Capitol committee, in which the deputies in charge accused Trump of negligence and incite violence on January 6, 2021 to hinder the transfer of power, some prominent conservatives have begun to look for other options: former Vice President Mike Pence, who has distanced himself from Trump for his actions in the looting of the Capitol; the governor of Florida, DeSantis, or that of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin.

For example, one of Trump’s reference newspapers, Rupert Murdoch’s conservative New York Post, published an editorial last week that Trump is “worthless to be the president of this country again. Another Murdoch newspaper, ‘The Wall Street Journal’, also published an editorial harshly criticizing the former president. “Character reveals itself in a crisis, and Mr. Pence passed his exam on January 6. Mr. Trump completely failed in his,” said the ‘Journal’ editorial.

It is true that Trump’s popularity remains very high among Republicans, but there are growing cracks in that support

Trump has also denounced that his coverage on Fox News, Murdoch’s television network that boosted him in his candidacy in 2016 has turned against him, especially since he no longer broadcasts all his rallies and speeches live.

Trump, even so, and as in 2016, remains a formidable force among his party’s base, and his support is usually enough to make a primary candidate win or lose. On rare occasions, the candidates proposed by Trump have lost this primary season, although there have also been, especially in Georgia, one of the most disputed states and where the false allegations of fraud by the former president have focused.

ad friends

Although polls show that he could use himself against Trump, President Biden has been increasingly critical and condemnatory of the actions of his predecessor in office. In a virtual speech -he has Covid- on Monday, he said about the former president that is disabled to stand for election again. “You can’t be for an insurrection and for law and order at the same time,” Biden said. “You cannot be in favor of insurrection and democracy. You cannot be pro-insurgency and pro-American », he added.

In his recent speeches, Trump has threatened to announce his candidacy imminently. In fact, his collaborators have leaked to several american media that he could even do it before the by-elections in November. In these, the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate are renewed. The polls show that the Republicans could win the majority in both, given the low popularity of President Biden.

The term limitation in turn implies that Trump could run only once more. If he does it in 2024 I would be 78 years olda year older than Biden when he ran in 2020. Then Trump attacked his opponent for his advanced age and the alleged infirmities of age.

To make things more difficult for Trump, the deputies who control the commission on the looting of the Capitol have recently announced that they will maintain their oral views in autumnhaving found more evidence of negligence on the part of the former president during that incident.

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