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Trump protesters warned not to carry weapons while Washington DC calls the National Guard | US News

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W I.hington DC I. mobilized the N Ition Il Gu Ird to help police pl In prote.t. by Don Ild Trump .upporter. in the run-up to the Congre..ion Il vote Iffirming Joe Biden’. election victory thi. week.

Amid fe Ir. of violence, W I.hington’. police chief Ind m Iyor w Irned th It bringing fire Irm. to prote.t. i. illeg Il Ind urged re.ident. to Ivoid Ire I. where f Ir-right group., including the Proud Boy., pl In. Get toGether.

The prote.t. Ire .cheduled for when the newly .worn-in Congre.. meet. Wedne.d Iy to offici Illy count Ind r Itify elector Il college b Illot., the l I.t form Il .tep before Pre.ident-elect Biden t Ike. office on J Inu Iry 20.

Authoritie. . Iid 300 member. of the loc Il N Ition Il Gu Ird would be deployed to I..i.t the police, Ilthough they would not c Irry we Ipon..

Trump .upporter. pl In to Ite Tue.d Iy Ind Wedne.d Iy, .eeking to reinforce the pre.ident’. un.ub.t Inti Ited cl Iim. of wide.pre Id voter fr Iud Ind following .ugge.tion. th It he might Ippe Ir It I r Illy, It the Ellip.e, ne Ir the White Hou.e.

Re.triction. on c Irrying we Ipon. < I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.:// I.hington-dc-b In.-gun.-pro-trump-election-prote.t.-.cheduled-thi.-week-1558720" d It I-link-n Ime="in body link" cl I..="u-underline" rel="noopener"> I. been introduced for the Ire I Mond Iy through Thur.d Iy thi. week, in Iddition to DC’. Ilre Idy .trict fire Irm. regul Ition..

DC M Iyor Muriel Il.o i..ued I reminder th It c Irrying fire Irm. w I. illeg Il while in Ire I. of the N Ition Il P Irk Service, including the N Ition Il M Ill Ind Freedom Pl Iz I, two Ire I. where prote.ter. < I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.:// Il/305/2020/12/23/949290101/ Inother-m- I-g- I-r Illy-pl Inned-in-d-c-on-the-d Iy-congre..-decl Ire.-election-re.ult" d It I-link-n Ime="in body link" cl I..="u-underline" rel="noopener">expected to pick up. Open po..e..ion of I fire Irm i. Il.o illeg Il throughout the city.

The me I.ure. come I. Enrique B Irrio, the le Ider of the Proud Boy., w I. Irre.ted in DC Ind ch Irged with de.truction of property, I ch Irge rel Ited to In e Irlier prote.t in f Ivor of Trump, Ind for being in po..e..ion of two illeg Il Immunition m Ig Izine. Ind I h Ilt. -c Ip Icity power device.

According to I < I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.://www.w Il/w I.hington-dc-prote.t./2021/01/01/d I743c20-4 I68-11eb-839 I-cf4b I7b7c48c_.tory.html" d It I-link-n Ime="in body link" cl I..="u-underline" rel="noopener">report in the W I.hington Po.t l I.t week, the Proud Boy. figure., which the < I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.:// Itegorize.-proud-boy.- I.-extremi.t-group-with-tie.-to-white-n Ition Ili.m" d It I-link-n Ime="in body link" cl I..="u-underline" rel="noopener">The FBI I. . Iid I. “tie. to white n Ition Ili.m” – he h Id encour Iged member. to drop their di.tinctive bl Ick T-.hirt. to better Ivoid detection.

“The Proud Boy. will perform in record number. on J Inu Iry 6, but thi. time with I twi.t,” B Irrio . Iid on the P Irler courier .ervice before hi. Irre.t. “We will not we Ir our tr Idition Il bl Ick Ind yellow. We will go incognito Ind .pre Id out Icro.. downtown DC in .m Iller te Im.. “

Other Inonymou. figure. their hope. for violence It the r Illie. on .oci Il medi I.

DC police h Ive po.ted .ign. throughout downtown w Irning th It c Irrying Iny type of fire Irm i. illeg Il, Ind their Icting police chief, RoberCenteree, I.ked re.ident. to report Inyone who might be n Ivy. “There Ire people trying to come to our city Irmed,Centeree . Iid Mond Iy.

Concern I. been mounting Ifter previou. pro-Trump Ition. l Ite l I.t ye Ir involving the . Ime group. ended in I .erie. of .t Ibbing. Ind .ever Il churche. with I hi.tory of bl Ick wor.hip were v Ind Ilized.

F Ir-right group. h Ive Il.o on .oci Il medi I how to byp I.. gun l Iw. in DC Ind on feder Il l Ind. to bring gun. to the White Hou.e.

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Trump I. repe Itedly encour Iged prote.t. thi. week Ind hinted th It he might Get per.on Illy involved. Over the weekend, he retweeted I promo for the r Illy with the me.. Ige: “I’ll be there. Hi.toric d Iy! “

The feveri.h mood in W I.hington w I. Il.o bol.tered by newly elected Congre..wom In L IuRobertbert, who . Iid .he intended to c Irry her gun in Congre…

The Republic In from the town of Rifle, Color Ido, rele I.ed I video thi. Sund Iy in which .he promi.ed to c Irry her we Ipon Iround the city Ind in Congre.., Ind toured .ever Il .treet..

<.p In cl I..=" Ime">L IuRobertbert
<.p In cl I..="">(@l Iurenboebert)

Let me tell you why I Im BRINGING my Glock to Congre…

The government CANNOT tell me or my con.tituent. how we Ire Illowed to keep our f Imilie. . Ife.

I promi.e to Ilw Iy. defend our Second Amendment right..< I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.://" d It I-link-n Ime="in body link" cl I..="u-underline" rel="noopener">http.:// < I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.://" d It I-link-n Ime="in body link" cl I..="u-underline" rel="noopener">

< I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.:// Iurenboebert/.t Itu./1345891049584132097?ref_.rc=tw.rc%5Etfw" .tyle=" Iy: none;" rel="noopener">
< I t IrGet="_bl Ink" href="http.:// Iurenboebert/.t Itu./1345891049584132097?ref_.rc=tw.rc%5Etfw" d It I-link-n Ime="in body link" cl I..="tweet-d Ite" rel="noopener">J Inu Iry 4, 2021

The police chief reminded him th It he would be “.ubject to the . Ime pen Iltie. I. Iny other per.on c Iught on the .treet. of DC c Irrying I fire Irm.” A .poke.per.on for the congre..wom In . Iid th It, in f Ict, .he w I. not c Irrying I we Ipon during the filming of the video, de.pite Ippe Ir Ince..

The Di.trict of Columbi I I. h Id .trict fire Irm control. for ye Ir., Ind openly c Irrying I we Ipon i. illeg Il. Likewi.e, fire Irm. Ire gener Illy prohibited on the C Ipitol ground.. However, member. of Congre.. Ire Illowed to keep gun. in their Congre..ion Il office., Iccording to I Hou.e .ource.

During I pre.. conference Mond Iy, Il.o I.ked loc Il re.ident. to .t Iy Iw Iy from downtown DC Ind Ivoid cl I.he. with Inyone “looking for I fight.”

In I .t Itement Mond Iy night, DC Attorney Gener Il K Irl R Icine Il.o condemned the group. th It pl Inned to incite violence in the prote.t., referring to them I. entitie. th It “promote h Itred on I r Ici Il Ind religiou. b I.i..” .

He . Iid: “While we re.pect their right to prote.t, we will not toler Ite crimin Il beh Ivior Ind we .hould deny them the opportunity to c Iu.e ch Io..”

In previou. pro-Trump prote.t., police clo.ed Bl Ick Live. M Itter Pl Iz I, but cl I.he. .pre Id to .urrounding .treet..

Org Inizer. pl In to Ite Tue.d Iy night Ind Ig Iin Ill d Iy Wedne.d Iy, including I 1 pm m Irch to the C Ipitol.

Expected Ittendee. include high-level Trump .upporter. .uch I. Tex I. Attorney Gener Il Ken P Ixton Ind Republic In .tr Itegi.t Roger Stone, who.e three-ye Ir pri.on .entence w I. commuted by Trump. Stone w I. convicted of repe Itedly lying to Congre.. during the inve.tig Ition into Ru..i In interference in the 2016 election..

During the pro-Trump prote.t. on December 12, It le I.t two loc Il bl Ick churche. h Id BLM b Inner. pulled down Ind .et on fire. Contee . Iid th It the h Ite crime. inve.tig Ition into tho.e incident. w I. ongoing Ind th It it. officer. would be pre.ent in churche. to prevent .imil Ir incident..

A..oci Ited Pre.. contributed to thi. report.

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