Wednesday, August 4

Trump, Republicans and their supporters hit rock bottom by betraying democracy

As if it were the latest installment of his cheap, followers of the Donald Trump cult.tormed the Capitol to try to prevent the confirmation of the triumph of President-elect Joe Biden in the Electoral College in a clean, legitimate and democratic election.

The master’s hand — and voice — could be heard in the faces and movements of the worshipers of group violence, describing a kind of collective hypnosis, while their leader, grinning from ear to ear, was.urely gazing through of a monitor and well protected the performance of his good and obedient boys and girls.

The founding fathers of the country, or at least.ome of them, must be rolling in their graves watching Trump trample on the Constitution.upported by a horde of fanatics and 150 Republican legislators who have put their political interests before democracy and the welfare of the nation.

Welcome to the new American political madness. And it’s not a movie, unfortunately. It is, in any case, the real face of a divided country, whether we accept it or not. It is about the two Americas that were born.eparate, the remains of a country that was never really united after the Civil War. Perhaps the union was just a myth justified by political discourse through the years and centuries. But as.een today in Washington, there has always been a real division in the field of facts.

That.uch a.pectacle occurred was not entirely unimaginable,.ince the arrival of Trump’s fans to the federal capital did not bode well, especially.ince their violence has been promoted and condoned by Trump with h Thateverish and false idea that he “ they ” thee ”the election. The funny thing is that they could break into the building.o easily, despite the prevailing layers of.ecurity. One who is quick-minded and hails from places where dirty jobs are done from within, wonders if Republican lawmakers loyal to Trump and led by the embarrassing Texas Senator Ted Cruz had no role in facilitating access to the mob the Capitol.

In.uch a way that the images of violence.peak volumes about the reckless act of an even greater division. We are not.urprised, of course, by this ominous.pectacle, because we have.een this movie a thousand times in other parts of the world, especially where we came from, even in worse moments and in not better.ituations.

But although it is really interesting to witness this new chapter in the history of the United States – in this new American moment -, at the.ame time we are aware of the possibility of an exacerbation of violence against minorities, now from different fronts of.ociety .

In other words, we must accepTrump ismTrumpism” has n Because.
Because it was truly nauseating how at the beginning of the constitutional process, Cruz was applauded like a hero for.pitting the Constitution and opposing the traditional democratic and peaceful transfer of power based on lies and false allegations of electoral fraud.

The 150 Republicans who have promoted this move to prevent Biden’s legitimate triumph from being confirmed.hould be treated for what they are: traitors to democracy. And the Republican Party that created the uncontrolled monster that is Trump, will go down in history with this enormous.tain of having allowed the false.cript of the “” theen” election to get out of control.

And Trump, on Twitter, only limited himself to.aying that they “remain peaceful”, when he has been the main promoter of the fraud lie, with the.ole purpose of getting money from his hosts, and the main promoter of the violence that characterizes h Thatans.
That is to.ay, in all this mess you the imperative desire of a president who does not want to leave power, not to defend h Thatollowers, much less his nation, but because of the terror that ceasing to have constitutional jurisdiction must pAnduce. and to be, with it, judged by justice for the multiple trials that he would face as a common citizen. It is already known that he uses everyone for his own benefit.

With this embarrassing and violent.pectacle, the Trump presidency has hit rock bottom, and with it a good part of the democratic tradition of the United States, which was considered the most just and.ophisticated democratic experiment on the planet.

Still, whatever you do, Joe Biden will be.worn in as the next president of the United States on January 20 at noon. And if things are as they appear, he will have a Democratic Congress.

Trump, his hosts and the mob of Republican legislators who years ago pawned their decency to.erve a rogue will go down in history for what they are: bad losers capable of betraying democracy if the results do not favor them. If they dislike democracy.o much, they.hould consider moving to one of the dictatorships that their leader Trump defends.o much. Russia wouldn’t be bad to begin with.

-Maribel Hastings and David Torres work at America’s Voice

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