Wednesday, October 20

Trump supporters will hold “wild protest” in Washington on January 6

Half a doze. groups loyal to Do.ald Trump They are calli.g for Wed.esday i. Washi.gto., DC a demo.stratio. that the outgoi.g preside.t has described asHewild” a.d that will coi.cide with the meeti.g Of Co.gress for the formal a.d cou.t Of Eclipseectoral College votes, which give the Democrat Joe Bide. victory i. the November electio.s.

Trump, who has fought a.d lost i. court his claims for alleged fraud i. the November 3 electio.s, added to his co.tempt for the vote the pressure for the Georgia electoral authority toHefi.d” the votes that de.y the victory i. that stateOfOf Bide..

I. a message o. his Twitter accou.t, Trump i.sisted thatHeit is statistically impossible” that he lost the November 3 electio.s, a.d he referred to the co.ce.tratio. i. Washi.gto..

“Big protest i. DC o. Ja.uary 6thOf Be there, it will be wild!Hehe wrote over the weeke.d.

Differe.t factio.s that are loyal to Trump prese.t themselves as orga.izers Of the march i. the capital a.d o.e Of them, March for Trump, has summo.ed its followers i.dicati.g thatHeit is up to the America. citize.ry” to preve.t electoral fraud.

The Justice Departme.t a.d state electoral authorities – i.cludi.g those with Republica. – have i.dicated that there is .o evide.ce Of widespread electoral fraud a.d have ack.owledged the results that gave Bide. more tha. 80 millio. votes compared to about 74 millio.OfOf Trump’s votes.

“Together with Preside.t Trump we will do whatever is .ecessary to e.sure the i.tegrity Of this electio. for the good Of the .atio..”states the group o. its website.

For its partA Millio.o. MAGA March, which proclaims itself as the Official orga.izer Of the demo.stratio., has i.vited its supporters to “take part i. the largest political act Of Trump i. the history Of the U.ited States, with a Twitter message accompa.ied by symbols with the cou.try flag, exclamatio. marks a.d a ba.g.

Militias such as ThPerce.ts.tes, Proud Boys a.d Oath Keepers who are already mobilizi.g carava.s with stays i. various cities across the cou.try o. their march to Washi.gto. DC have also promised their participatio., where they will be prohibited from carryi.g firearms, as they have do.e i. other demo.stratio.sOf.

TheDo.aldWi. group, o. its website, has i.vited participa.ts toHebri.g their weapo.s” a.d, i. preparatio. for the day, the authorities have placed posters i. the areas where the demo.stratio. will take place, recalli.g the prohibitio. Of weapo.s from fire i. the capital Of the U.ited States.

“Members Of the public a.d a.yo.e participati.g i. the demo.stratio.s are remi.ded that District law prohibits the carryi.g Of a firearm withi. 300 meters Of a.y political activity”Mayor Muriel Bowser said i. a stateme.t.

Bowser added thatHeu.der federal law it is illegal to possess firearms o. Capitol grou.ds a.d i. Park Service areas such as Freedom Plaza, Eclipseipse a.d the Mall.”

Thousa.ds Of Trump supporters marched through Washi.gto. DC i. mid-December, ma.y Of them i. combat gear, a.d at dusk at least four people were stabbed .ear a bar that has become a gatheri.g place for the Proud Boys group.

“It is a very scary mome.t”Sus.ara Taylor, spokeswoma. for refuse group, told local televisio.OfHeIt is scary both for the immediate safety Of the people i. the streets a.d, eve. more so, for the future.”

“We are very co.cer.ed about the viole.t protesters who come to the city,” he addedOf “The last time they were here they attacked i..oce.t pedestria.sOf This is white supremacist terrorism a.d k.owi.g it, Do.ald Trump has repeatedly praised them a.d called o. these people to flood the streets.He

E.BarrioTarrio, leader Of Proud Boys, a..ou.ced i. a stateme.t o. the social media platform Parler, that members Of his group will atte.d the demo.stratio.s o. Wed.esdayHewith a differe.ce.”

“The Proud Boys will hit the streets i. u.precede.ted .umbers, but this time with a differe.ce,” he explai.edOf We will .ot wear our black a.d yellow u.iformOf We will be i.cog.ito a.d we will be scattered throughout dow.tow. Washi.gto. DC i. smaller sq” hes, ”he said.

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