Friday, December 3

Trump surpasses Biden in popularity after Afghanistan crisis and amid immigration problems

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.


The ex-president Donald Trump manages to surpass the president Joe Biden in approval ratings for the first time since he lost the election in November 2020.

This is revealed by a new Harvard / Harris survey, reported by The Hill. September data indicates that Trump obtained 48% approval against 46% for Biden, who has plummeted since May, when he had his best rating at 57%.

When reviewing the approval record, it is not that the Republican has increased considerably in approval, since it only registers two percentage points in the last month, but the support moves between 43 and 46 percent.

That is unlike the Democrat, whom fewer Americans support since the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, the growing problems on the border with Mexico and the slow progress of his economic plan, due to the stagnation in Congress.

“The mounting problems on all fronts have led to the surprising conclusion that Trump is now seen as as good a president as Biden,” said Mark Penn, co-director of Harvard CAPS-Harris. “Which suggests that the honeymoon is being replaced by voter remorse.”

The poll released this week also found that 55 percent believe the former vice president Mike Pence he was a better vice president than Kamala Harris.

In addition to the fact that 63 percent of people think that Mike Pompeo was a better secretary of state than Anthony Blinken.

Both characters are key in the Biden Administration and are directly related to the worst crises it faces, because while Harris is responsible for implementing a plan that helps reduce irregular immigration from Central America, Blinken has had part of that implementation and the process departure of troops from Afghanistan and the diplomatic effort involved.

In fact, Blinken was one of the officials who had the most appearances on the main US television news when the worst moments of the eviction of diplomatic personnel and civilians, including Afghan allies, occurred.

Among the experts, it also seems that President Biden is losing ground on some issues, such as immigration, after a group of 39 human and civil rights organizations warned him that his Administration “is on a cliff”, due to the treatment of immigrants in the border, with violence and accelerated expulsions.

Former President Trump has toyed with the idea of ​​competing in 2024 and although he has not yet confirmed his candidacy, he continues with rallies in support of Republicans for the 2022 midterm elections.

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