Saturday, January 16

Trump takes a 180-degree turn to condemn Capitol violence as expulsion orders mount: live updates | US News


Lois Beckett has been watching how impunity on the right fueled the pro-Trump mob on Capitol Hill this week.

The playbook for the Maga invasion of the nation’s Capitol building on Wednesday has been unfolding for years in plain sight, at far-right rallies in cities like Charlottesville, Berkeley and Portland, and then, last year, in the State capitols throughout the territory. a country where heavily armed white protesters have fought their way through the legislative chambers to accuse politicians of tyranny and treason.

“No one should be surprised,” said Sarah Anthony, a black state legislator who was on the legislative floor at the Michigan Capitol on April 30 when hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters, including members of the white militia with guns, attempted to enter through the strength. “This has been on the rise in every corner of our country for months.”

From shouting matches in the Michigan House of Representatives lobby to looting the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, protesters have gotten bolder and their goals more ambitious.

But many elements of these incidents repeat themselves each time: the chaotic mix of known extremists and unknown Trump supporters who showed up to participate; the surprisingly smooth and ineffective response from the police; expressions of shock from Republican legislators that any of their supporters would act in response to the lies they had been repeating; And, of course, the behavior of Trump himself, who first openly incites violence and then, when it gets out of control, praises it rather than condemns it.

Read more of Lois Beckett’s article here: From Charlottesville to the Capitol: How Right-wing Impunity Fed the Pro-Trump Mafia




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