Monday, January 18

Trump, to the election official of Georgia: “I just want to find 11,780 votes”

Brad Raffensberger y Donald Trump.

Brad Raffensberger y Donald Trump.

The end of the presidency of Donald Trump is proving particularly revealing about the person who has directed the destinies of U. S in the last four years. This past Saturday, the still president He called the also Republican Secretary of State of Georgia to ask him to find the almost 12,000 votes he would need to reverse the result of the November presidential elections there. During the hour of phone conversation, Trump begs him and demands that he “recalculate” the votes, tries to validate his long list of conspiracy theories without success, gets frustrated, impatient, and even threatens his interlocutor with legal repercussions for his management of the elections. “It is impossible that we lost Georgia. Impossible. We won by hundreds of thousands of votes,” he repeats throughout the conversation.

Trump’s pressures fall on a state that has had to repeat it count up to three times at the request of the Republican and his allies, one of them manually. “All I need is this: I only want to find 11,780, which are one more of those we have. Because we won the state,” he snapped at the secretary. Brad Raffensperger in accordance with the audio of the conversation leaked to the ‘Washington Post’. As he has done repeatedly in recent weeks, Trump questions the integrity of his party partner, calling him a “child” and calling him “either dishonest or incompetent” for not giving credit to his discredited theories.

“Presidente Trump, we have had several lawsuit and we have had to respond in court. We don’t think you have won, “Raffensperger replies. Both in Georgia and in the rest of the challenged states, all the lawsuit launched by the president and his allies have failed without referral, two of them after being heard by the Supreme Court. The U S government itelf has categorically denied that there was fraud in the elections. “The data you have is not correct “, Raffensperger corrects him later.

Biden’s criticism

It is not clear, according to legal experts consulted by the ‘Post’, if Trump’s actions could constitute a crime, but they have not been slow to arouse the first criticisms. “(The conversation) captures in it entirety the shameful story of Donald Trump’s assault on American democracy,” said Bob Bauer, an adviser to President-elect Joe Biden.

During the call, the Republican asks for explanations about his theories, which at one point he describes as “rumors.” It talks about “the under-table vote scam, ballot destruction, out-of-state voters and more.”. He goes on to say, without providing evidence, that up to 5,000 ballots are named after dead people. “The real number is two. Two dead people voted,” Raffensperger replies.

In front of the wall of hicoreligionistst, Trump suggests by way of threat that Republican voters will not go out to vote in the second rounds of Georgia that this Tuesday will decide the Senate control if the result of the presidential elections is not corrected before. “The people of Georgia are angry, the people of this country are angry,” says Trump to Raffensperger. “And nothing would happen if you say that you have recalculated.”

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