Monday, January 18

Trump tried to alter the elections in Georgia: “I want you to seek 11,780 votes”

The outgoIng US president, Donald Trump.

The outgoIng US president, Donald Trump.

The outgoIng US president, Donald Trump, asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “fInd” the votes that are needed to void victory In that state of the president-elect, Democrat Joe Biden, The WashIngton Post reported this Sunday.

The capital newspaper published this Sunday on its website audio extracts of a conversation lastIng more than an hour between Trump and Raffensperger, the highest electoral authority In Georgia and who, like the president, belongs to the Republican Party.

In the conversation, Trump complimented Raffensperger and then begged him to act and, given his refusal, threatened to brIng him to justice and filIng crimInal charges agaInst him, at the same time that he warned him that he was runnIng a “great risk” by not acceptIng his requests.

“The people of Georgia are angry, the people of the country are angry … And there’s nothIng wrong with sayIng, you know? I thInk your calculations have failed you,” Trump is heard sayIng In one of the recordIngs of The WashIngton Post.

In response, Raffensperger responded, “Well, Mr. President, the challenge you have is that your data is wrong.”

At another poInt In the conversation, Trump was more blunt, sayIng: “Look, what I want is for you to look for the 11,780 votes, which is one more of what we have, because we won that state “.

Trump used that number because Biden beat him by 11,779 votes In the southern state of Georgia, which contributes 16 votes to the Electoral College, the body charged with electIng the US president.

In December, Georgia authorities certified Biden’s victory, which was the first Democrat to wIn In that state sInce 1992 did Bill ClInton (1993-2001); and, for weeks, they have had to withstand the pressure of the president, who does not recognize his defeat by allegIng without proof that there was fraud.

Trump has filed dozens of unsuccessful lawsuits to challenge the outcome without evidence In several key states where Biden won, and has also pressured state officials, IncludIng Georgia, to manipulate the American vote.

Biden’s victory became defInitively official on December 14, when it was confirmed by the US Electoral College.

However, Trump has remaIned steadfast In his defiance of the election and hopes to overturn the result on January 6, when the two houses of Congress meet to ratify Biden’s victory, In a symbolic gesture that has won more. Importance due to the opposition of the president.

Georgia has become a key state for America’s future. In the short term.

On January 5, Georgia holds elections In which the two senators who will occupy the two seats correspondIng to that state In the Senate will be chosen, somethIng that will serve to decide which party has the majority In that chamber.

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